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Let Razorpay handle the financial complexities for you

Money movement in real world is a monumental task with strict compliance requirements, frequent auditing and dealing with systems manually through emails or files.

Razorpay Route handles all of these for you out of the box, taking care of all complexities and regulatory requirements. Sign up now and start splitting payments through our intuitive platform.

Manage end-to-end payment flow as per your business use case

Does your business require you to transfer a payment to different bank accounts? Do you need to split a payment into multiple parts?

Razorpay Route supports your model with a core that allows splits and transfers as per your business logic. Get in touch to discuss your use case.

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Connecting customers and sellers on your platform? Now split individual customer payments between multiple sellers with complete flexibility on how much to transfer, to whom and when to settle.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Collecting payments centrally while managing multiple bank accounts for your business? Now split payments at source through automated routing between your various bank accounts with complete control over the business logic.

On Demand Services

Building a platform for cab drivers, electricians, handyman etc.? Now manage the entire payment process digitally with complete control over when the transfers are made and settled.
Razorpay Route not only simplified the splitting of payments as a process but also saved us man-hours in coding efforts with its completely API driven approach. Now we can onboard more hosts on our platform with its easy onboarding process and manage the payouts at a time best suited to our business policy and still be in control of our business with deep view through their dashboard
Vikram Kumar
Co-Founder & CEO, ExploreLifeTravelling

Automate your payment lifecycle with Razorpay Route

Make use of our robust Payment Gateway for accepting payments from end customers, through any payment mode.

You can even accept payments through Subscriptions, Payment Links, Invoices and Smart Collect which can then be split using Razorpay Route.

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Linked Accounts

Easily onboard your vendors, sellers, service providers etc. as linked accounts on Razorpay Route without the hassles of any physical paperwork.


For each payment, create as many transfers as you need to various linked accounts with complete control over the splitting logic. Automate the process through powerful Transfer APIs.


Control the entire fund movements with flexible settlement plans. Select between periodic settlements or choose to defer them until some business conditions are met.

There's an API for That

Control all aspects of Razorpay Route through powerful APIs built for enabling automation


Automate sending money to accounts


Reverse the transfers through API

  1. curl https://api.razorpay.com/v1/payments/pay_7o52yYkoL/transfers \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'transfers[0][account]=acc_7o7C7MnIbGk60l' \
  4. -d 'transfers[0][amount]=10000' \
  5. -d 'transfers[0][currency]=INR' \
  6. -d 'transfers[1][account]=acc_7jh0F05cEYJq48' \
  7. -d 'transfers[1][amount]=5000' \
  8. -d 'transfers[1][currency]=INR'
  1. curl https://api.razorpay.com/v1/transfers/trf_714iNLGsd7k36a/ reversals \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'amount=10000'
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Built for scale

Scale with Razorpay

100,000+ Sellers? Millions of transactions? Razorpay Route is built for scale.

Over the last couple of years, we have worked hard with our banking partners so you don’t have to. Razorpay's servers are completely hosted on Amazon AWS with auto-scaling systems that scale up to handle any traffic that you throw at it today or in the future.

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Customizable for all business use cases

Control the entire money movement with flexible settlement plans. Select between periodic settlements or choose to defer them until your business conditions are met.

Default Settlements

Settle money as per the defined settlement schedule

Scheduled Settlements

Explicitly set the settlement date for a transfer.

Settlements On Hold

Put settlement on hold for a transfer until your business conditions are met.

  1. curl https://api.razorpay.com/v1/payments/pay_7o52yYkoL/transfers \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'transfers[0][account]=acc_7o7C7MnIbGk60l' \
  4. -d 'transfers[0][amount]=10000' \
  5. -d 'transfers[0][currency]=INR' \
  6. -d 'transfers[1][account]=acc_7jh0F05cEYJq48' \
  7. -d 'transfers[1][amount]=5000' \
  8. -d 'transfers[1][currency]=INR'
  1. curl https://api.razorpay.com/v1/payments/pay_7o52yYkoL/transfers \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'transfers[0][account]=acc_7o7C7MnIbGk60l' \
  4. -d 'transfers[0][amount]=10000' \
  5. -d 'transfers[0][currency]=INR' \
  6. -d 'transfers[0][on_hold]=1'
  7. -d 'transfers[1][account]=acc_7jh0F05cEYJq48' \
  8. -d 'transfers[1][amount]=5000' \
  9. -d 'transfers[1][currency]=INR' \
  10. -d 'transfers[1][on_hold]=1'
  1. curl https://api.razorpay.com/v1/payments/pay_7o52yYkoL/transfers \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'transfers[0][account]=acc_7o7C7MnIbGk60l' \
  4. -d 'transfers[0][amount]=10000' \
  5. -d 'transfers[0][currency]=INR' \
  6. -d 'transfers[0][on_hold]=1'
  7. -d 'transfers[0][on_hold_until]=1531543380'

And There's a Webhook For That

With each state change available as a webhook event, easily keep your systems in sync with automated notification of events through webhooks on Razorpay Route. Setup webhooks through dashboard with different URLs for test and live mode.

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Sync your systems with transfers created on the Razorpay dashboard.


Sync your systems with transfers that are reversed on the Razorpay dashboard.

Standard Plan

Charged on every transfer
as addon pricing

* Standard Payment Gateway pricing applies on the underlying payment. GST applicable.

  • Easy onboarding
  • Reports for all actions
  • Automate with APIs
  • Complete control over settlements
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Enterprise Plan

Large number of transfers and linked accounts on your platform? Get in touch for volume based pricing.
Explore the Payment Gateway pricing applicable for accepting online payments with Razorpay.

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Handle the entire payments lifecycle with our technologically advanced payments solution.

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