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Invoices that are instantly payable

Create GST based invoices
through an easy to use platform

Add Item
Single room for 2 nights
Total Amount  ₹ 6,000.00
Add tax
GST @ 18% Inclusive
Create Invoice

Notify your customer
through email and sms

Invoice Number
Customer Details
+91 9876543210
Send Invoice

Get paid faster
directly from the invoice

Payment Received
₹ 6,000.00

Share detailed invoices with your customers

Let your customers know what they are being charged for with detailed breakdown of the expenses including price, taxes & discounts. Provide your customers the accurate information and yourself faster access to funds through online payments.

Razorpay Invoices provides customers with a seamless buying experience through beautifully designed invoices that speak your brand language.

GST compliant

Add GST, discounts and shipping details, all in an invoice and let our invoicing solution do the calculation for you

Partial payments

Enable partial payments for your customers at the time of invoice creation directly from the dashboard

One time effort

Save time and effort on entering the same line item again, instead save it as a template and use it across invoices

Download Option

Let your customers save and download .pdf version of invoices for future reference

Track Account Receivables

Increase accountability and transparency into your business by tracking all account receivables against invoices paid

Dashboard reporting

Gain useful insights from reports and real time data available on the dashboard to make better informed business decisions

APIs for Everything

Control all aspects of Razorpay Invoices through powerful APIs built for enabling automation


Quickly create Invoices using API


Cancel Invoices using API

Integrate various SDKs provided by Razorpay into your platform within minutes.

  1. curl -X POST https://api.razorpay.com/v1/invoices \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -H 'Content-Type:application/json'
  4. -d '{
  5. "customer": {
  6. "email": "test@test.com",
  7. "contact": "9999999999",
  8. "billing_address": {
  9. "line1": "#11, Navi Camp",
  10. "city": "Pandora",
  11. "state": "Karnataka",
  12. "zipcode": "560076",
  13. "country": "India"
  14. }
  15. },
  16. "line_item": [
  17. {
  18. "name": "Book / English August",
  19. "amount": 20000,
  20. "currency": "INR",
  21. "quantity": 2
  22. },
  23. ],
  24. "receipt": "max-14-char-no",
  25. "currency": "INR",
  26. "expire_by": 1498439025,
  27. }'
  1. curl -X POST https://api.razorpay.com/v1/invoices/inv_714iNLGsd7k36a/cancel
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We’ve got all the important events covered with our Webhooks

Set up a webhooks directly from your dashboard and configure separate URLs for live mode and test mode. Get notified to events on Razorpay API and build integrations accordingly.

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Get notified when a full payment is made against the invoice.


Get notified when a partial payment is made against the invoice.


Get notified when the invoice gets expired.

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