Razorpay Subscriptions
Built for Developers

Receive recurring payments with Razorpay Subscriptions

Enable recurring payment schedule, control the billing cycle and get instant alerts on subscription activity with Razorpay Subscriptions. All you have to do is to link a plan to the customer. Let us handle everything else for you.

The agile billing system makes handling subscriptions a breeze with a powerful hosted solution that handles edge cases like card change, retries, email alerts etc.

Onboard Subscribers
via links

Create unique links from the dashboard for your Subscription plans and share
with customers via SMS, email etc and turn them into Subscribers immediately

Create a Plan
via Dashboard

Share the Subscription Link
via SMS, Email etc.

Accept Payments
via multiple payment modes.

Try it out from the dashboard today!

Multiple Billing Models

One Solution to Rule Them All

Fixed Payment Schedule

Automate your fixed price recurring charges to a customer as per a fixed schedule

Quantity Based Model

Charge your customers based on the number of users or quantity per billing cycle

Usage Based Model

Charge your customers for only what they consume over a billing cycle

Make subscription payments frictionless for your customers

Razorpay Subscriptions gives you the flexibility to craft your subscription plans as per your business' specific requirements, with support for trial period, upfront charges, add-ons, discounts etc.

Got a different use case? Reach out to us and we'll figure out how to solve for it.

Multi-currency support

Onboard subscribers for your offerings from around the world. With support for over 92 currencies, grow across geographies without worry.

Trial Period

Offer your customers the option of a trial period with a subscription plan that automatically starts charging at the end of the trial period.

Upfront Charge

Charge your customers a one time fee at the time of creating subscription before the actual billing starts.


Easily add charges for any overhead expenses, extra services used etc. in

Update SubscriptionsComing Soon

Offer your customers the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans anytime they want, with proration.

Multiple Payment Modes available

Offer your customers a variety of payment methods to choose from for the subscription. All payment modes offering recurring are compliant with RBI's regulations.

Credit Cards

All credit cards on Mastercard and Visa network issued by any bank in India can be added to a subscription for automated recurring transactions requiring no customer intervention after a one-time authentication. Support for Amex cards coming soon.

Debit Cards

Debit cards on Mastercard and Visa network issued by ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Citibank and Canara Bank can be added to a subscription for automated recurring transactions requiring no customer intervention after a one-time authentication.


Enable automated recurring transactions over a bank account via e-Mandate registration through Netbanking or Debit Card.

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UPI (coming soon)

The next version of UPI is adding support for recurring transactions. Razorpay Subscriptions will be adding support for this under the same integration, requiring no change on your side.

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A Subscription Platform Built for Automation

Don't let your business growth suffer from the irregularities of recurring payments. Use Razorpay Subscriptions instead.

Run on Autopilot

Link the customer to a plan, create a subscription and leave the rest on autopilot to work best for you.

Easy Reporting

Track all your subscriptions and make informed decisions using dashboard reports.

Handle edge cases

Razorpay takes care of all scenarios such as declined card, retries on failed transaction, change of card etc.

Webhook notifications

Create a subscription and get notified for all payment related activities via webhooks and be in full control of the business

Own the customer experience

Personalise the customer experience by communicating the subscription status and prompting next steps.

Built for Automation

Razorpay Subscriptions has been built from the ground up for easy integration and complete automation.

There's an API for That

From creating a plan, charging a customer, to cancelling a subscription; all can be automated with APIs generated on the dashboard.

Create a Plan

Create pre-defined plans for ease of use

Creating a Subscription

Subscribe a customer to a plan

  1. curl https://api.razorpay.com/v1/plans \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'period=weekly' \
  4. -d 'interval=1' \
  5. -d 'item[name]="Test Weekly 1 plan"' \
  6. -d 'item[description]="Description for the plan"' \
  7. -d 'item[amount]=600' \
  8. -d 'item[currency]=INR'
  1. curl https://api.razorpay.com/v1/subscriptions \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'plan_id=plan_7wAosPWtrkhqZw' \
  4. -d 'customer_id=cust_7eW0gLQxrKAeDn' \
  5. -d 'start_at=1495995837' \
  6. -d 'addons[0][item][name]="Delivery charges"' \
  7. -d 'addons[0][item][amount]=30000' \
  8. -d 'addons[0][item][currency]=INR'
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And There's a Webhook For That

Keep your systems in sync with automated notification of events through webhooks on Razorpay Subscriptions. Easily build and send email alerts or push notifications to customers for successful charge, change of card required, failing payments etc.

With webhook for each state change, Razorpay Subscriptions is built for automation for all aspects of a subscription business.

Explore Subscription Docs

Fired when a subscription moves to active state


Fired when a subscription's payments are failing


Fired when a subscription is halted with all retries exhausted

Use Cases

Standard Plan

Charged as an addon to every payment made towards a Subscription

* Standard Payment Gateway pricing applies for the underlying payment method. GST applicable.

  • Automated billing
  • 24x7 Support
  • Hosted Page
  • Fast Onboarding
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Enterprise Plan

Have a large number of subscriptions? Get in touch for volume based pricing.
Explore the Payment Gateway pricing applicable for accepting online payments with Razorpay.

Start Doing More with Razorpay Subscriptions

Handle the entire payments lifecycle with our technologically advanced payments solution.

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