Best minds in fintech, minus the buzzwords   

Best minds in fintech, minus the buzzwords

Easy Financing
Avoid costly short-term financing
for your working capital needs
Better Budgeting
Manage your monthly budgeting,
spending and investing perfectly
Zero Backlogs
Avoid backlog in your payment

How does Razorpay Capital work?

Razorpay Capital is a set of services aimed at lending a helping hand to businesses for maintaining a steady capital.
You can choose any of the following methods to acquire capital via Razorpay Capital:

Instant settlements

Get your payments settled on the same working day! Avoid cash-flow issues and prepare better for working capital needs.

Business Loans

Need some capital to grow your business? Get pre-approved loans through Razorpay, without any collateral.

What are Instant Settlements?

Delayed settlements can cause operational gaps for a business. Razorpay Instant Settlements
helps reduce settlement period to 12 hours or less (from the time of transaction). So, you have a ready
inflow of cash to amplify your business and meet cash requirements without any hassles.

Instant Settlements: Your options

Choose how you want your instant settlements, based on your business needs:

On-demand Instant Settlements

Have your money settled early on key business days.

Scheduled Early Settlements

Have all your payments settled to your bank account at specific hours during the day.

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Salary Disbursements

With just one click of the button, your payments will be credited into your account on an expedited basis.

Spikes in Demand/Sales

Running a sales promotion? All geared for the demand spike? On-Demand Instant Settlements will unlock your cashflow crunches.

Operational Expenses

Efficiently finance the growth and management of your operations, and plan and prepare for your marketing expenses more efficiently.

What are Business Loans?

Avail hassle-free, pre-approved business loans from Razorpay’s NBFC and banking partners without any collateral. The credit limits are defined based on your unique Razorpay Credit Score.

Business Loans: The Process

Razorpay’s Alternative Credit Decisioning System uses your transaction history to assign a unique credit score. Based on that, our NBFCs and banking partners provide pre-approved loans.

Re-payment to lenders happens automatically from your settlements. Pay it back, hassle-free.

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Increase Inventory

Budget your monthly inventory spends & investments better.

Add new products

Fund the development & distribution of new products.

Explore New Markets

Expand to new geographic & demographic markets.

Acquire Better Talent

Hire better talent & manage salary payments easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Razorpay Capital?
Razorpay Capital is a set of services extended by Razorpay to facilitate hassle-free business loans and instant settlements for merchants.
What is the difference between Instant Settlements and Business Loans?
Instant Settlements are short-term working capital loans that can be availed automatic or on-demand by merchants, whereas Business Loans offers long-term loans for growing businesses.
How do Instant Settlements help?
Payment reconciliation is a time-intensive affair. Waiting for your payments to be settled can affect your working capital in multiple ways, and cause operational gaps. Razorpay Instant Settlements allows you early access to your payments by reducing the time taken for reconciliation. So, that there no more cash-flow crunches in your business.
Who are Business Loans most suited for?
Business lending is most suited for high-growth companies looking to invest in new growth projects and expansion, whereas Instant Settlements is for companies looking to fuel their operational working capital.
How is my credit score calculated?
A merchant’s credit score is dependent on their transaction history on Razorpay. Aspects like transaction volumes, number of chargebacks etc. are taken into account while calculating the unique credit score.

Fuel your growth with Razorpay Capital

With Lending and Instant Settlements, prepare better for your growth and working capital requirements.