Levelling the field for Small
and Medium businesses

Applying to traditional banks and lenders can be disappointing with unrealistic approval requirements and fixed repayment terms.

Razorpay Capital is designed to make it easier for Razorpay merchants to get financed and grow.
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Accessible funds: You are pre-approved on the basis of your customer payments. We don’t need a long business history and a high credit score.
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Transparent pricing: You get simple pricing with best interest rates for your needs. We don’t require collateral or personal guarantees.
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Flexible repayments: You make automatic payments from your settlements when you can. We give you the freedom to suit your business.
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Instant Settlements

Avoid slow settlements that can cause operational gaps for your business. Razorpay Instant Settlements enables you to have a cash-like sales collection to pay your vendors, employees and financiers without delays.
On-Demand Instant Settlements
Get your customer payments settled within an hour at any time, any day including holidays
Scheduled Same-day Settlements
Get your daily revenue settled automatically multiple times a day

Working Capital Loans

Avail collateral-free business loans from Razorpay’s NBFC and banking partners. Fund your working capital needs such as buying stock, maintaining essential services and paying salaries until collection happens.
Razorpay’s Alternative Credit Decisioning System pre-approves you based on your past customer transactions
Get cash-in-hand quickly through quick processing and disbursal from Razorpay Dashboard.
Repay automatically as a portion of your settlements to suit your business
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Cash Advance

Get the convenience of an unsecured line of credit to manage cash requirements prior to your customer payments. Withdraw cash up to your credit limit, repay when customers pay and borrow again when you need cash.
Razorpay’s Alternative Credit Decisioning System pre-approves you based on your past customer transactions
Pay interest only on the amount withdrawn for the duration of the withdrawal
Repay automatically through settlements just like it is an advance of your settlements

RazorpayX Corporate Cards

Simplify your company expenses with RazorpayX Corporate Cards. Pay for your marketing, SaaS and travel needs with 50-day interest free credit and make automatic repayments for hassle-free expense management.
Available exclusively for Razorpay customers, you get a dynamic credit limit that grows with your business.
Effectively track spends and set limits to ensure your expenses stay under budget.
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Our Partners

We partner with the top NBFCs and Banks to finance you as per
your needs at competitive rates.
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