Smart Collect
Built for Developers

How it Works

Collect payments in 4 simple steps

Create a virtual account
via API or Dashboard

Share details with Customer
who adds it as beneficiary

online or at a bank branch

Get notified
via webhook and dashboard

Read the documentation to understand the complete flow

Collect & manage revenue
as per your business use case.

Razorpay Smart Collect provides endless flexibility to fit your business needs. Create as many virtual accounts as you want and receive one or many payments per virtual account. Easily customize these as per your business use case.

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One Time Payments

Accept a single, large payment from a customer via NEFT, RTGS or IMPS. Close the account as soon as you receive it.

Repeat Payments

Create dedicated virtual accounts for each customer and easily keep track of each incoming payment.

Campaign Based

Create unique virtual accounts for each campaign, easily segregating the incoming payments for maximum control and visibility.

Handle account receivables
with ease and simplicity

Seamless Refunds

Send out full or partial refunds to customers via Dashboard & API and your customers will receive it directly in their bank accounts.

Track Status

Track status of every transaction and virtual account in real time. Get notified as soon as payment is completed via Dashboard and Webhook.

More Ways to Get Paid

Create virtual accounts and offer your customers the flexibility to pay via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS as per their convenience.

Flat Pricing

All payments through Smart Collect are flat priced, irrespective of the amount and hence best suited for large value payments.

Custom Account Numbers

Create account numbers the way you want. Highlight your company name or assign account numbers specific to customer IDs or any other custom field.

Smart Reporting

Get actionable insights from Dashboard & Reports using our downloadable reports. Check collections, settlements and much more.

APIs for Everything

Control all aspects of Razorpay Smart Collect through powerful APIs built for enabling automation


Create a new virtual account


Close a virtual account

  1. curl
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -X POST \
  4. -d "receiver_types[]=bank_account" \
  5. -d "description=First Virtual Account" \
  6. -d "notes[reference_key]=reference_value"
  1. curl
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -X PUT \
  4. -d "status=closed"
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And There's a Webhook For That

Get notified of each incoming payment through webhooks and easily keep your systems in sync with automated notification of events through webhooks on Razorpay Smart Collect. Setup webhooks through dashboard with different URLs for test and live mode.

Learn More

Fired for each incoming payment on Smart Collect


Sync your system with any refund made on Razorpay Dashboard

Use Cases

Simple pricing, no hidden charges

Set up your recurring payments with ease and pay us only when you get paid.


Standard Plan

1% or ₹50
1% or ₹10

whichever is lower

A fee of 1%, upto a maximum of ₹10, is charged on every payment received for Smart Collect. GST charges as applicable.
  • Automate NEFT/RTGS/IMPS payments
  • Unlimited virtual accounts
  • Quick onboarding

  • Dashboard Reporting
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