deserve it!

Higher Credit Limit for your business spends

Simplified Spends for
your business

No personal guarantees
from you

Do you feel you can do better with more spending power?

Are your Ad spends and subscriptions a hustle?

Do you use personal credit cards for your business?

Universally Accepted VISA card for business expenses
Personalised company logo with your name
Complete real-time visibility on the dashboard
Smart expense limits from the dashboard
Flexible repayment options for growing businesses
Integration with RazorpayX to supercharge your banking experience
Quick approval for Razorpay payment users

Credit Limit becomes

double your regular usage


Up to 50 days of free credit

for your business


No security deposits or risk to

personal credit score

Stop worrying about business spends with a card actually designed for growing businesses, for once!

No risk of misreporting personal and business expenses with a dedicated business card

Get the option to pay the minimum due with a revolving credit line instead of a regular charge card

Get frugal by reducing overcharges and prioritizing expenses from the dashboard

Switch on or off your cards with a toggle on your dashboard as many times as you want

Limit different types of expenses on your cards and add-ons to prioritize the essential services

“As a startup, it is very difficult to get a business credit card without impractical requirements of FDs & minimum balance but using personal cards for business creates compliance hassles. RazorpayX Corporate Card meets all our requirements with simple approval process suited to growing businesses like ours.”

Bhanu Pratap Singh

Ladybird Web Solutions

"RazorpayX Corporate Card is solving my business needs with innovation. Unlike other credit cards, it gives me total control, simplicity, and transparency. Features such as real-time conversion of foreign charges and disputing any transaction with one click are rare."

Mahendrasinh Rana

Drushtant Infoweb

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