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Create a Payment Link
via API or Dashboard

Share the Payment Link
over SMS, Email etc.

Customer pays
through online payment

Get notified
once the payment is complete

Payment Links for
your business use case

Razorpay Payment Links directly integrates into your ecosystem giving the best experience for your business model.

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Businesses Without Website

Don't have a an app or website for selling? Now let your customers pay online with payment links

Alternative Payment Option

Payment Links can be an easy substitute for cash-on-delivery and point-of-sale payment methods in your business.

Chatbot Integration

Integrate Payment Links with Chatbots for users to enjoy a seamless buying experience on your platform.

Social Media Sharing

Share the payment link over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. giving your customers a quick checkout option.

There's an API for That

Control all aspects of Razorpay Payment Links through powerful APIs built for enabling automation.


Create payment links via API or dashboard on-demand.

Cancel a link

Cancel a payment link to make sure no payment is made on it.

Resend Notification

Resend SMS or email notification to the customer

  1. curl -X POST \
  2. -u {KEY}:{SECRET} \
  3. -d 'type=link' \
  4. -d 'amount=10000' \
  5. -d 'currency=INR' \
  6. -d 'description=Payment Link for services offered' \
  7. -d 'customer[name]=Gaurav Kumar' \
  8. -d 'customer[contact]=18001231262'
  1. curl -X POST{id}/cancel
  1. curl -X POST{id}/notify/{sms|email}
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And There's a Webhook For That

With each state change available as a webhook event, easily keep your systems in sync with automated notification of events through webhooks on Razorpay Payment Links. Setup webhooks through dashboard with different URLs for test and live mode.

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Get notified when a full payment is made against the link.


Get notified when a partial payment is made against the link.


Get notified when the payment link gets expired.

Standard Plan

Per transaction as per the standard
Payment Gateway pricing

There's no extra charge for payment links. Standard Payment Gateway pricing applies.

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  • Reports for all actions
  • Automate with APIs
  • Partial payments support
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