Xperience The Future of Banking

With RazorpayX, simplify, accelerate, and automate every aspect of your banking operations – accept payments, manage cash flows, reconcile transactions and enable flexible payouts.

Challenge Traditions with RazorpayX

Traditional Banking way
RazorpayX way
Traditional Banking way
Razorpay X way

How RazorpayX can help you?

Xperience Unified Banking
Xperience Unified Banking
Manage end-to-end operations for single or multiple accounts across various banks and manage their cash flow by aggregating these accounts.
Easily Manage Payments and Refunds
Easily Manage Payments and Refunds
Setup a payment gateway to accept and manage payments via multiple platforms such as invoices, SMS, email links, direct bank transfers, websites, apps and more. Reconcile transactions without having to manually track UTR numbers for days.
Instantly Disburse Payments
Instantly Disburse Payments
Create and manage multiple payouts and disbursals via various methods such as bank transfers (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS), UPI, cards, wallets and more with complete control over the routing logic.
Make Impactful Decisions
Make Impactful Decisions
Gain insights and recommendations based on income, expenses, accounting, taxation and payments reports that are all made available on the dashboard.

Personalized for Your Business Needs

For New Startups
RazorpayX helps startups and small businesses setup and manage financial operations with ease, all without ever having to physically visit a bank branch.
For Existing businesses
RazorpayX helps existing medium and large businesses perform various financial operations securely with strong operational control and flexible disbursal capabilities.

Introducing The X Club

We make it easy for every aspiring disruptor to power their growth. Right from helping you manage the flow of money in and out of your system to providing you access to capital, we intent to make your startup journey less stressful and more successful.

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Xperience the Future of Banking with RazorpayX

  • Manage Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Easy Payments Setup & Hassle-Free Refunds
  • Instant Payouts
  • Quick access to loans
  • User-friendly Dashboards

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