Event Round-up: Rev Up Delhi - What it Takes to Start & Scale a Startup in Trying Times?

We’ve been having a great time hosting the RevUp Startup Series and after successful events at Pune and Chennai, this month we took RevUp to Delhi. With the the market starting to tighten its ropes, and the startup ecosystem entering a state of flux, we decided to focus on understanding how to startup and scale during trying times. Supporting us in this series, sharing their insightful journeys and failproof lessons were some serial entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and business leaders.

Event Round-up: RevUp Chennai - How to Build & Market Products Users Love

Keeping up with our roadmap of connecting with startups across India and in continuation of the Razorpay RevUp Startup Series, we recently hosted RevUp Chennai, an event that focussed on sharing insights about how to build and market products that users love. Entrepreneurs are driven by unflinching passion to build products that aim to fulfill specific problems; however, successfully building products that convince customers still remains a gordian knot for most startups.

RevUp Pune: Razorpay Connects with the Pune Startup Community

RevUp is a series of startup events powered by Razorpay. While India is among the largest test bed for startups today, winning in this competitive market is no mean task. Razorpay’s journey started with an idea in a dorm room which went on to being selected for the prestigious Y Combinator programme and is today a disruptor in the fintech space. While we have achieved significant milestones early on, we believe that our growth journey has just started. And, as we grow, we believe in giving back to the startup community; an attempt to help the future generation of entrepreneurs by sharing our learnings, insights, practical advice and success stories. RevUp is a series of events that will be hosted across several cities in India, so as to connect budding startups with successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and influencers from the VC community.