App POS, Done The Right Way

Businesses often come to us with a requirement of extending the smooth online payment experience through Razorpay at their offline stores as well. We had plans around this but in an extended timeline. Then demonetisation came along and everything changed overnight, literally. Merchants reported dipped volume in online sales through Cash on Delivery, but the omnichannel partners were hit the hardest in offline stores due to customers being extra cautious with cash.

Introducing Recurring Payments for SaaS & Subscription Businesses

Do you want to collect payments online from your customers every month without the hassle of multiple reminders? Businesses who offer content subscriptions, software as a service (SaaS) or club memberships can now collect recurring payments from their customers using Razorpay. Your customers can enjoy uninterrupted service without the hassle of making payments on a regular schedule.

Introducing Express Activation - Get Started with Razorpay Within 1 Hour!

Until recently, many small businesses didn’t even bother to setup a system to accept payments online because cash transactions worked just fine. Though online payments are simpler, faster and more secure, most of us did not take the leap to change our habits, yet. Yesterday night, our PM made an announcement that impacts the whole nation on various levels, but most importantly, this is probably the push we needed to embrace online and digital payments.