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Not a single line of extra code required. Integrate our existing libraries and you are done
We handle the entire authentication part so you can focus on your business
All card data is safely stored using our PCI DSS compliant technology

Say goodbye to typing your 16 digit card number

Device Authentication

Authenticate your android device once with a one time password and access your saved cards without OTP accross all apps

(Requires SDK Update)

Seamless Checkout

Now just enter your CVV, finish 3DSecure and your payment is done


Global Card Saving

Save your card once in Flash Checkout and access it across all of our merchants with the most seamless payment experience

Control Your Data

Add or delete your saved cards. It's your data after all

Manage your cards
Manage Cards Instantly
Add or delete your saved cards. It's your data and you have full control over it
Manage your cards

The new 'card saving' simplifies the payment process and makes it convenient to purchase online from our website and app

-Khusbhoo Gupta, VP Product, Rentomojo

Simplest Integration Possible
Spend time making great products and leave your payments to us
Code Snippet
No extra code
Just integrate our Checkout through one line of JS and you are done. Flash checkout requires nothing extra
Auto updating
Integrate once and receive all future updates to Flash Checkout without requiring any change in your code
Secure And Safe
We built secure systems at every level to ensure maximum protection

PCI DSS Level I Certified

All card data is handled directly on our PCI DSS certified system over secure protocols

Card Data Safely Stored

All sensitive data is stored in secure systems with no access for any 3rd party