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In order to bring more customers to your business and improve your sales, you might want to provide discounts or cashbacks on your website or apps. Using Razorpay Offers, you can be in complete control of the discounts that can be rolled to your customers. Not only can you restrict the payment methods on which the Offers are applied but also set the limit their usage to a definite time period.

Types of Offers#

  • Customer Controlled
    As a business owner, you can allow the customer to select the Offer when making the payment on Razorpay Checkout. In this case, Razorpay Checkout form will display all the applicable Offers from which the customers select Offers of their interest and complete the payment.

  • Business Controlled
    As a business owner, you can enforce a specific payment method to be used to complete the payment. In this case, Razorpay Checkout will permit only those payment methods configured during the Offer creation. For example, if the Offer associated with an order is only applicable on card payments, Checkout displays cards as the only available payment method.