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Why Razorpay

Razorpay offers a complete set of financial and neobanking solutions. It has the following set of attractive features:

  • Sign up with Razorpay easily with a few clicks.

  • With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live with Razorpay in less than an hour.

  • Build your business for scale with our complete API-driven automation that requires zero manual intervention.
  • 100+ Payment Modes
    Offer your customers to choose from various payment modes, including Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI, Wallets and many more.
  • Secured PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Solution
    No burden of regulatory compliance.

  • Competitive and transparent pricing structure.

  • Email and chat-based support to help you in your every step.

  • Real-time data and insights on your Razorpay Dashboard to help you make data-driven business decisions.

Razorpay offers a range of solutions for all your payment and finance needs. The following diagram displays the various Razorpay solutions:

and .

List of products offered by Razorpay

Razorpay provides a range of products to accept payments and make payouts. There are also solutions to add offers and assess risks associated with a customer order.

Find a Payment Product for Your Business!

Want to know which Razorpay payment product best suits your business? Try our

and discover products that fit your needs.

The following table lists all the Payments products and offerings:

Products, Use and Supported Platforms
: Integrate our Payment Gateway with your website or app to accept payments from customers.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Integrate Razorpay Magic Checkout to help customers complete prepaid and cash-on-delivery (COD) transactions on your website/app and reduce your COD RTOs.
Supported Platform : Web.
: Easiest way to accept payments with a custom-branded online store. Accept payments with automated payment receipts. Take your store online instantly with zero coding.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Share payment link via an email, SMS, messenger or chatbot and get paid immediately.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Create and send GST-compliant invoices that your customers can pay online instantly. Get paid faster and improve your cash flow.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Create and Share QR Codes on demand and start accepting payments immediately.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Offer your customers subscription plans with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Take your store online instantly with zero coding. Accept one-time and recurring payments with automated payment receipts.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Generate virtual bank accounts and UPI IDs on demand and accept payments using NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI. Get notified of each incoming payment and automate the tedious reconciliation process.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Use the Affordability Widget to influence your customer's purchase decision by displaying various affordable payment options and offers.
Supported Platforms : Web and Android.
: Split incoming payments to individual accounts, make payments to vendors, manage marketplace money flow and much more using powerful APIs.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Accept payments from customers in the form of online bank transfers, using the Razorpay Checkout form.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Use Optimizer to route your payments through multiple payment providers with one integration.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Comply with the SEBI guidelines for online payment collections by offering TPV integrations with major banks at the Checkout.
Supported Platforms : Web, Android, iOS and Webview.
: Provide a seamless and secure payment experience entirely within WhatsApp. Customers can order, pay using their preferred payment method, and track orders without leaving the chat thread.
Supported Platforms : Android and iOS WhatsApp Applications.

Ready for Integration

  • Integrate your website or e-commerce store with the Razorpay Payment Gateway using any of the .
  • Add a single line of code to your website or blog to get a and start accepting payments.

Do Not Have a Website or Mobile App

You can accept payments even if you do not have a website or a mobile app using any of these Razorpay products:

Refund amount to your customers almost instantly using

. Provide a great customer experience and gain your customer's confidence and trust in your business.


, you get access to your funds as and when you want. Normally, you would receive settlements according to your settlement cycle. Razorpay Instant Settlements helps you reduce your settlement period from T+2 days (default settlement cycle) to a few minutes (from the time of the transaction), thus enabling your business to avoid cash-flow challenges and prepare better for working capital requirements.


to split incoming payments to individual accounts, make payments to vendors, manage marketplace money flow and much more using powerful APIs. is another Razorpay product that you can use to make payouts.

is a neo-banking platform that helps business owners with end-to-end management of their finances. It helps you make payouts, receive payments, tax payments, payroll management, raise loans for your business, and even robust analytics to help track and analyse your finance.

With a

you can do the following with ease:

  • Manage receivables and payables in one place.
  • Get instant loans without collaterals.
  • Automate your vendor and tax payments.
  • Get in-depth reporting into cash flow trends.

Product and Use
: Send payments instantly and securely to bank accounts. You can also send payout to UPI IDs and wallets via APIs, Dashboards and file uploads.
: Send payments without bank account details. Enter the customer's name, contact details and amount to be paid. RazorpayX sends them a link where they can enter their account details (bank account or UPI ID). Once we get their account details, we send them the money.
: Upload invoices and auto-pay vendors and TDS payments.
: Automate tax payments with pre-filled tax payment forms. You can collaborate with your accountant from the Dashboard for easy and timely tax disbursal and never miss a payment again.
: Calculate payroll and disburse salaries in a few clicks. RazorpayX Payroll automates payments and filings of compliances like TDS, PF, ESI, PT and much more.

is a lending platform that helps you to better manage your business financial needs with , corporate credit cards and collateral-free loans.

Product and Use
: Get high credit limit for your business expenditure with no security deposit or risk to personal credit score.
: Optimise your business finance needs with a Line of Credit at low-interest rates and zero pre-closure fees.

1. What is Razorpay?

Razorpay is an Indian payments solution provider that allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its product suite. We give you access to all payment modes including credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, and popular wallets including JioMoney, Mobikwik, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Ola Money and PayZapp.

We provide a secure link between your website, various issuing institutions, acquiring banks and other payment gateway providers.

List of


2. How is Razorpay better?

Razorpay focuses on delivering a user-friendly checkout experience for customers. Here are some features that enhance the overall customer experience:

  • Timely Support: We prioritise prompt and helpful support for our users.
  • Easy Integration: Our payment gateway is designed for seamless integration, saving time and effort.
  • Customer-Friendly Checkout: Razorpay offers preferred payment methods based on customer interactions, enables saved cards for convenience, and supports a wide range of payment options. Razorpay excels in support, integration ease, and a customer-friendly checkout experience.

Know more about


3. Who are Razorpay's clients? Can you provide some examples?

You can view some of our

on our website. This will give you insights into how our services have helped businesses achieve their goals and enhance payment processes.

4. How can I start using Razorpay products?

To start using any Razorpay products, you need to sign up with Razorpay. Know more about


5. If I have created an account for Razorpay Payment products, do I still need to create an account with RazorpayX?

If you have an existing Razorpay account for Razorpay Payment products, you can use the same user id and password for RazorpayX. Know more about


6. There are so many Razorpay products. How do I know which one is best for my business?

Please read the section about

as per your business needs. You can also raise a for an expert opinion.

7. I have signed up now. What do I do next?

You can log in to the Dashboard, fill out the activation form and submit the same. Know more about


8. How long can I access the features on the test mode? Is there a trial period?

You can access the Dashboard in test mode for as long as you like. However, you would need to submit your activation form to accept live payments from customers.

9. Does Razorpay support payments via bank transfers?

Yes, you can accept payments via bank transfers using the

payment method on Razorpay Checkout. If you do not have a website or app, you can use our product .

10. I have not received a verification email from Razorpay. How do I proceed?

An email with the subject line Razorpay Software Private Ltd | Confirm Your Email is sent to your email address. In case you are not able to locate the same in your inbox, we suggest that you check the spam folder.

If the email is not available in the spam folder as well, raise a ticket through the

and we will check this for you.

11. I do not have a website. Can I still use Razorpay?

Yes, you can use Razorpay to accept payments even if you do not have a website or mobile app. Check out our


12. How do I sign up for a test or sandbox account?

You can sign up for an account on the

and use to try out the products, after logging in.

13. Does Razorpay provide Invoices?

Yes, you can use Razorpay Invoices to create and send invoices to customers and accept payments. Know more about


14. What does the transaction section cover?

The transaction section provides an overview of various financial activities related to your orders, including transactions received, refunds (if any), and invoices received. This section allows you to track and manage payments associated with your orders.

15. Can you provide more information about order cancellation, refunds, and returns?

Regarding order cancellation, refunds, and returns, it is essential to note that Razorpay acts as a payment gateway and facilitates online payments for sellers. As such, any queries or concerns related to the cancellation of orders, refunds, or returns should be directed to the respective seller or merchant from whom you made the purchase. They are responsible for handling shipping, order dispatch, and customer service.

Once the seller initiates a refund, it generally takes 5-7 business days for the refund amount to be credited back to your bank account. You can track the


For further insights into the refund process and why refunds may take some time, we recommend reading our blog post titled


16. How can I collect subscriptions from my customers?

You can offer subscription plans to your customers with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes. Know more about


17. Can I know more about the split payments solution?

Razorpay Route allows you to split payments between third parties, sellers or bank accounts. Using Route, you can easily manage settlements, refunds, reconciliations and make vendor payments. It is helpful for businesses that disburse payments in a one-to-many model. Know more about


18. How can I earn money from Razorpay?

We are a payment solutions provider and help businesses to accept payments online. If you have a business venture and are looking to accept payments online, you can

with us. Also, we offer a referral program wherein you can refer a business to Razorpay. Know more about .

19. How do I apply for a job at Razorpay?

Thank you, for your interest in being a part of the Razorpay team. Know more about the

at Razorpay.

20. Where can I find Razorpay's PCI Certification?

To access Razorpay's PCI Certification, please visit our


21. I have noticed a bug in your product, how do I report it?

If you have discovered any security vulnerabilities associated with any of our Razorpay services, we do appreciate your help in disclosing them to us in a responsible manner. Know more about


22. Does Razorpay support peer-to-peer transfers?

Currently, Razorpay does not support peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers.

23. Is Razorpay similar to wallet payments?

No, Razorpay is not a wallet provider. Unlike wallet payments, Razorpay enables businesses to accept payments and make payouts using various payment methods. With Razorpay, customers need not have a separate login or redirect to another page. Payments are processed directly on the business' website or application, reducing customer drop-off and optimising profitability for the business.

1. What are the ecommerce plugins supported by Razorpay? How do we integrate it on our end?

2. How do I find my Razorpay credentials?

The email/password is only used to log in to the Dashboard. To authenticate against the API, you will need to generate a KeyID, and KeySecret. Know how to generate


3. How do I find the base URL for Razorpay API?

The current Razorpay API is versioned at v1, so all requests should be made here

4. How do I find sample code for my server language?

The sample applications are hosted on GitHub. You can find the links to these under the Sample Application section on our


5. How to create a Razorpay API instance?

The instance creation method differs based on the platform. Refer to the relevant


6. Where can I find the API references?

Refer to the


7. Can I accept customer payments using Paytm wallet?

Yes, you can provide Paytm as a payment method for your customers via Razorpay. Know more about

as a payment method.

8. What are the platforms supported by Razorpay?

We support a range of web and mobile platforms. Refer to the


9. Do you support cryptocurrency business models?

No. As per RBI regulations, we do not support online payments for crypto businesses.

10. The platform I am integrating with is not listed on your webpage. Can I still integrate?

If the required platform/plugin is not listed, you can try integrating it on your own using this


1. How much does Razorpay charge per transaction?

Know more about


2. Can the pricing be negotiated?

We offer custom pricing under the Enterprise plan. Raise a request with the

to know more.

3. What are the charges involved? Do you charge any set-up-fee?

Refer to our


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