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Razorpay Partners

Razorpay's Partner Program aims to enable businesses to build payments into their platform products as well as introduce ancillary capabilities to their suite of services.

Before we learn about the different partner models, it is important to get familiar with the terminology and find the right integration for your business.

Who is a Partner?#

A partner is a Razorpay merchant that onboards her/his clients on Razorpay platform as its sub-merchant to perform payment related operations on their behalf. For example, a company "Acme" wants to provide an order management solution for its client company "Gekko". To do so, "Acme" registers as a Razorpay partner and onboards "Gekko" as a submerchant. This allows Acme create and manage payments for its sub merchant.

A partner may also manage the sub-merchant's Razorpay accounts.

Learn about the different partner types.

Sub merchants#

Sub-merchants are the clients who gets onboarded on Razorpay platform by a Partner themselves. In the above scenario, "Gekko" is "Acme's sub merchant.

A sub-merchant can access and manage their own Razorpay Dashboard. Once onboarded, a sub merchant accounts need to be activated for them to start collecting payments.