Embedded Payments

Offer end-to-end payment solutions to businesses on your platform.

What's New

Razorpay Platform Partners are now called Technology Partners.(Mar 2024)

Embedded Payments allows you to onboard businesses, process payments, and control the flow of funds from within your platform.

Embedded Payments is best suited for businesses with a multi-party business model as it optimises the money movement flow for all the parties involved.

Platforms offering software services like ERP, CRM, storefront creation, and accounting can use Embedded Payments to unify payment processing.

Example: Shopify allows sellers to set up online stores and accept payments from their customers using Razorpay. Shopify can charge a fixed monthly fee or a percentage fee on transactions through its platform.

Money movement flow on Embedded Payments for Platforms & Marketplaces

Embedded Payments enables you to control all components of payment processing without having to build complex payment systems or worry about compliance.

  • Onboard businesses seamlessly to Razorpay Payments.
  • Add your branding elements, like colour and logo using our Co-branded UI.
  • Our conversion-optimised UI simplifies the onboarding of sub-merchants.
  • Works on all web and mobile applications like iOS, Android, React, and so on.
  • Go to market quicker with lightweight integration.

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To onboard clients for Embedded Payments:

  1. Become a Technology Partner

    and request for a partner type .

  2. Complete KYC

    by submitting the necessary documents.

  3. Integrate with our APIs
    Integrate with our APIs using


  4. Test the flow
    Create a sample sub-merchant account and test the end-to-end flow based on your use case. Contact our

    for any issues during testing.

  5. Go live
    Launch the integration on your platform and enable your businesses to reap the benefits of a powerful payments system.

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