Submit KYC Details

Submit KYC details to complete the onboarding process. Check how to provide clarifications and successfully activate your account.

After becoming a Technology Partner, you need to submit KYC details. The commission is settled in your account only after completing the KYC process.

Handy Tips

  • In the KYC verification process, you can provide the required information in any order you prefer.
  • You can view the details submitted during account creation and make changes if required.
  • Review the details provided during the sign-up process. You can edit the fields and make necessary changes if required.
Complete KYC Verification

Follow the steps given below to activate your account:

Watch Out!

The fields under Bank Details, GST Details, and Business Documents will differ based on your business type.

  1. Bank Details: Fill in your bank account details such as Account Number and IFSC Code. This is the account to which Razorpay will settle your funds. . Click Done.

    Business Details - Enter Bank Details
  2. GST Details: This will be auto-filled if your

    is successful. If not, add your GST details for taxation and compliance. Select the check box if you do not have a GSTIN. Click Done.

    Watch Out!

    You cannot claim GST input credit if GSTIN is not shared.

    Business Details - Enter CIN and GSTIN

    Handy Tips

    Extra fields may appear based on your business type.

    • For LLP: LLPIN (Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number)
    • For Public and Private Ltd: CIN (Corporate Identification Number)
  3. Identity Proof or Address Proof: You can scan and upload your Aadhaar, Passport or Voter ID as proof of identity or address.

  4. Business Documents: Upload the relevant

    based on your business type.

    Add business documents
  5. Business Address: Add your business address. Select the check box if your Operational address is same as your Business address. This will be verified against your business documents.

    Handy Tips

    Operational Address is the current address from where you are operating your business. On the other hand, a Business Address is the address you register while starting your business.

    Add your registered business address
  6. Click Done.

  7. Click Submit KYC after providing all the required verification details.

    Business Details - Submit KYC Details

Our team will review the information submitted by you. It takes approximately 3-4 working days to complete the review process.

During the review process, we may reach out to you for clarifications. You can address these queries on the Razorpay Dashboard.

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