Capital Partnership

Become a Razorpay Capital Partner. Refer Line of Credit to businesses via Dashboard upload or referral links, track application status and earn rewards.

is a lending platform enabling businesses to meet their cash flow challenges. With the Partnership program for Capital, you can refer businesses to Razorpay and earn lucrative rewards when your leads use the product.

Available Now

At the moment, you can only refer the

product to your customer base.

Watch this video to see how you can refer leads to Razorpay Capital.

  1. Sign up or log in to your Razorpay Partner Dashboard.
  2. Enable the Capital Dashboard.
  3. Refer leads for Line of Credit using or .

An ideal profile for the Razorpay Capital business is:

Direct Sales Agent

If you are a direct sales agent having experience in reselling banking products such as corporate cards or business loans, you are a suitable partner for Capital Partnership.

B2B Business

If you are a B2B business owner looking to provide credit access to your customers, consider Partnerships for Capital. This additional credit will improve the purchasing power of your customers and increase your revenue.

Professional Services Provider

If you are a Professional Services Provider who provides services such as chartered accounting and company incorporation services, you should consider partnership with Razorpay Capital. Your customer base could be interested in lending products like corporate cards to manage their professional expenses, or may be looking for a flexible loan and repayment option.

The Razorpay Capital Partner program is a closed group program with an invite-only access. You can apply to become a Partner for Capital by following these steps:

  1. Fill the form to communicate your interest in the program. One of our associates will get in touch with you.
  2. Once picked as a , you receive a mail from Razorpay with an exclusive invite link.
  3. Open the link and .
  4. After signing up, share your merchant ID (MID) with the sales associate. Your merchant ID is available at the top-right corner of the screen on your Dashboard.
    Razorpay Dashboard with MID highlighted

After you share your MID, your Capital referral dashboard is enabled in a day. You have successfully become a Partner for Razorpay Capital.

You can refer your customer base to avail Line of Credit in two ways:

Refer and invite your customers to apply for Razorpay Line of Credit. This option is suitable if you want to broadcast the link on your website or social channels. Businesses can voluntarily sign up for the product using your link.

  1. Log in to the

    and navigate to your Partner Dashboard.

    Navigate to Partner to the top-left on the Dashboard
  2. In the left menu, navigate to Affiliate Accounts.

  3. Shift to the Line Of Credit tab.

  4. Click Share Referral Link.

    Switch to Line of Credit tab in Affiliate Accounts and click Share referral link

    If you do not see the Line of Credit option, reach out to the sales POC.

  5. In the Share Referral Link pop-up, copy the referral link.

    Copy the referral link

After you have copied the referral link, share it directly on social media or your website. After the referred business (the lead) signs up and uses the product, you receive the referral bonus.

You can personally refer and invite your leads to Razorpay Capital in bulk via the Partner Dashboard. Enter their email addresses in the sample file and share the leads with us.

To upload leads on the Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the

    and navigate to your Partner Dashboard.

    Navigate to Partner to the top left on the Dashboard
  2. In the left menu, navigate to Affiliate Accounts.

  3. Shift to the Line Of Credit tab.

  4. Click + Add New Clients.

    Add new account on the Affiliate Accounts Dashboard

    If you do not see the Line of Credit option, reach out to the sales POC.

  5. The Add New Merchants - Line of Credit pop-up window appears.

    Add New Merchants window showing upload details
  6. Click Download sample file and enter your leads' email addresses and details. The sample file contains the required fields along with the recommended formats and values.

    Fields and Descriptions

    Watch Out!

    When you add details to fields in the sample template (both mandatory as well as optional), ensure that the details match the allowed values as explained in the table below.

    FieldAllowed Values
    business_name [Mandatory]0-100 alphanumeric characters
    account_name [Mandatory]0-100 alphabet characters
    contact_mobile [Mandatory]10 digit mobile number with +91 extension
    email [Mandatory]Standard valid email address
    annual_turnover_min [Mandatory]Integer in Rupees. For example, ₹1,00,000
    annual_turnover_max [Mandatory]Integer in Rupees. For example, ₹20,00,000
    business_type [Mandatory]Types allowed:
    • LLP
    • NGO
    • TRUST
    • OTHER
    promoter_pan [Optional]Standard PAN format
    business_vintage [Optional]
    gstin [Optional]Standard GSTIN format
    company_address_line_1 [Optional]Standard address format
    company_address_line_2 [Optional]Standard address format
    company_address_city [Optional]Standard address format
    company_address_state [Optional]Standard address format
    company_address_country [Optional]Standard address format
    company_address_pincode [Optional]Standard address format
    • You cannot enter more than 500 number of accounts in the file.
    • Enter the details in the template format only. Do not modify the template.
  7. Verify your entries for any discrepancies and upload the file in the same window. You can upload both a .csv or a .xls file.

After you successfully upload the file, the file is processed and the leads details are displayed under Affiliate AccountsLine of Credit tab.

Leads from your upload or referral links appear on your Dashboard

Some leads may be missing from the Dashboard due to failures. Please check for Razorpay's status email in your inbox. This mail contains the details of the failed leads.

As a Partner, you can track the status of the lead's application status under the Line Of Credit tab in your Partner Dashboard. It is displayed under the Activation Status column.

Activation status to track application of leads

The values of this column change as the lead's application passes each stage.

Application Status and Action Required

Listed below are the different stages and details of an application and the corresponding action required.

StatusAction Required by Merchant
In ProcessNo action required.
Bureau SubmissionMerchant must complete Bureau submission in their application form. Complete the application on the .
Income Proof SubmissionMerchant must complete KYC submission in their application form. Complete the application on the .
Post Offer Docs CollectionOffer is created. Merchant must accept the offer and submit the KYC documents in their application form. Complete the application on the .
Pre Offer Docs ResubmissionThere are issues with the submitted documents or new documents requested. Merchant must follow the steps in the application form. Complete the application on the .
Merchant ESign PendingMerchant must e-sign the document shared over email.
Merchant Nach PendingNACH requested from the merchant is pending. Complete the application on the .
CPV Pending'Contact Person Verification' is pending.
Offer AcceptanceMerchant yet to accept the offer.
Go LiveApplication is approved and the line of credit is now available.
RejectionApplication is rejected.
Application ClosedApplication is closed. No action is required.

For the leads converted in the previous month, you earn a referral bonus in the following month. We collect your bank details and credit the amount through a manual payout.

  1. When any of your leads get converted, our associate reaches out to you to collect your bank account details.
  2. Using those details, the payout is created.
  3. We share an invoice with you that you can verify and approve.
  4. After verification, the payout is processed. You receive the amount within 7 business days.

For queries or assistance in any of the steps mentioned above, reach out to the sales POC.

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