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Know about Razorpay Service Partners.

What's New

Razorpay Reseller Partners are now called Service Partners.(Mar 2024)

Service Partners are businesses or individuals who refer and/or integrate Razorpay for their clients. Unlike

, Service Partners are typically not involved in managing transactions on behalf of their clients.

The Service Partner model focuses mainly on the commissions earned by the sub-merchant for their transactions. Know more about


  • A blogging platform company, Acme, registers as a Service Partner with Razorpay and refers a sub-merchant (affiliate account), Gekko & Co. After Gekko & Co account is activated, Acme earns commissions based on the transactions Gekko & Co performs using the Razorpay products.
  • Gekko & Co manages all their transactions, such as collecting payments, creating refunds and viewing settlements themselves. Gekko & Co can perform all these actions using the Razorpay Dashboard or APIs.
  • Acme earns commissions based on the transactions performed by the sub-merchants added on its Dashboard.
  • Acme can add multiple sub-merchants directly from the Razorpay dashboard and view the list of referred sub-merchants and their activation statuses.

You can add your affiliate partners/sub-merchants directly using the Razorpay Dashboard. There are 2 ways to add sub-merchants:

Service Partners can perform KYC for the sub-merchants from the Partner Dashboard after receiving an approval from the sub-merchant. This way, the sub-merchant's account gets activated quickly and saves time. Know how to


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