Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions about Razorpay Partners.

1. Who can become a Partner?πŸ”—

Razorpay Partnership Program is for anyone who can offer or advocate online payments, including SaaS or ERP companies, developers, designers, agencies, incubators, evangelists, investors or freelancers.

2. What is Razorpay Partnership program?πŸ”—

Razorpay Partnership program is a medium where you can offer the complete suite of Razorpay services to your merchant and get rewarded.

3. Who can become a Razorpay Reseller?πŸ”—

An individual or an organization who can refer merchants to use the Razorpay suite of services can become a Razorpay Reseller.

4. How do I become a Razorpay Reseller and refer a Client?πŸ”—

Visit our website and complete the Partner Signup. Once the signup is complete, you will get access to adding merchants from the Partner Dashboard. Know more about becoming a Razorpay Partner.

5. I have a merchant account with Razorpay. Can I use the same account to refer my clients?πŸ”—

Yes. As a Razorpay customer, you will manage your transactions. Once approved as a Razorpay partner, you can keep track of the clients you onboarded using this account.

6. I haven’t registered my company yet. Can I sign up as a Razorpay Reseller?πŸ”—

Yes. This program is offered to both individuals and organizations who want to be part of the Partner platform.

7. What documents will be required to register as a Razorpay Reseller?πŸ”—

No physical documents are needed for registering as a Partner. However, for commission payouts, we need your company’s (or your own) name, PAN details, address, bank a/c details, scanned copy of the canceled cheque, and the details of an authorized signatory or SPOC (name, email, PAN, and address).

8. How to track the status of my referrals?πŸ”—

You can check the status of your referrals under the Affiliate Accounts tab on your Partner Dashboard.

9. What will be the payout cycle of the commission amount?

If you are a Reseller, you need to add a minimum of 3 sub-merchants. After 3 sub-merchants are added, the commission payout is made. In the meanwhile, the commission is calculated in the backend for the first and second merchant. After you are eligible for the payout, you can download the commission payout amount, raise an invoice and share it with the Support team. After Razorpay receives and verifies the invoices, the payout is made in 30 days.