Important terms related to Razorpay Partner Program.

The following table lists all the commonly used terms and their definitions used in Razorpay Partnership Program:

PartnerA Partner is a Razorpay merchant who onboards clients on Razorpay platform as its sub-merchants. There are three types of partners: Reseller, Aggregator and Platform.
Aggregator PartnerRazorpay Aggregator Partners are businesses who provide managed services to their clients, through their digital offerings. Along with providing a platform to their clients, they are also involved in managing their transactions.
Platform PartnersPlatform Partners are companies that build products and want to enable their customers to collect payments using these products. For example, you might be a company offering an end-to-end inventory management solution to your clients. As part of the solution, you want to allow your customers to accept online payments using your solution. You can do this by signing up as a Platform Partner.
Reseller PartnerReseller Partners are businesses or individuals who refer and/or integrate Razorpay for their clients. Reseller Partners are typically not involved in managing transactions on behalf of their clients.
Affiliate Account
Sub-merchants are the clients who get onboarded on the Razorpay platform by a Partner. A sub-merchant can access and manage their own Razorpay Dashboard. Once on-boarded, sub-merchant accounts must be activated for them to start collecting payments.

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