Control Flow of Funds

Collect platform and third-party fees from your customers and route them to third-parties.

As a platform with a multi-party business model, you can charge a fee for your platform or any third parties involved.

Below is an example of money movement flow:

Control the Flow of Funds for Embedded Payments for Platforms & Marketplaces

To support the money movement flow:

  1. Get the platforms_marketplaces tag enabled on your Partner account through your sales point of contact.
  2. If you are charging a Platform fee, create a Linked Account for your merchant account and add your bank account details.
  3. Create a Linked Account for your third-party service providers, if any (for example, logistics partners). Add their bank account details.

After creating Linked Accounts, you can create payments on your sub-merchant accounts with your platform fees.

To collect platform and third-party fees:

You can also create

for transactions.

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