Check the list of available reports as a Partner and the steps to download them.

You can download reports from your Partner and Linked Account Dashboards and reconcile payments.

If you have processed platform fees, you can download additonal reports from your Linked Account where the platform fees are settled.

To download reports, the Platform must provide Dashboard access to your Linked Accounts. To provide Dashboard access:

  1. Log in to the .
  2. Navigate to Route under Products.
    Partners Dashboard select Route
  3. In the Accounts tab, enable Dashboard Access for the required Account Id.
    Enable Dashboard access for Technology Partners
  4. Once the Dashboard access is granted, a password reset link is sent to the Linked Account's registered email id.
  5. Reset the password and log in to the Linked Account Dashboard.

Watch this video to see how to generate the Linked Account Transfers Report.

To download reports:

  1. Log in to the


    Handy Tips

    If your Linked Account is created with the same email as your Partner account, log in to your Partner account and Switch Merchant. If the email is different, log in to the Linked Account


  2. In the left menu, navigate to Reports.

    Partners Dashboard Reports
  3. Select the report type, period and format.

  4. Click Generate Report.

  5. It can take a few minutes to a couple of hours to generate a report depending on the data size. Once the report is ready, you can download it from the Recent Reports tab.

Below is the list of Linked Account reports available to you.

Transfers ReportList of transactions collecting Platform fees from your clients.
Settlements ReportList of all Settlements made to your bank account. Settlement refers to amount credited to your account.
Settlements Recon ReportList of Settlements made to your bank account and the associated transfers. You can use this to reconcile your settlements with your platform fees.
Combined ReportList of all debits and credits of your account.
Reversals ReportList of platform fee reversals made from a Linked Account.

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