About Razorpay Security

Know about Razorpay's compliance certifications, firewalls, and authentication methods.

As a financial service provider, we take utmost care of your data. We are continuously working to keep our environment safe and secure for everyone to use.

We follow the most stringent data security practices in the payments industry. As a payment service provider dealing with card data, we have the following certifications:

PCI-DSS Level 1
ISO 27001:2022 IEC
ISO Seal
System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type 2
SOC Seal

We can provide you with copies of our certifications. Please reach out to us via your Key Account Manager.

At Razorpay, we employ the best encryption practices on our website and possess the highest assurance SSL certificate, the EV SSL (Extended Validity SSL) certificate.

  • All Razorpay services are served over HTTPS using TLS and configured with industry-standard cyphers.
  • You can download a copy of our .
  • We follow industry-standard AES-128-bit encryption for all user data.
  • Sensitive data, such as PII (Personal Identifiable Information) utilises field-level encryption.

Requests to Razorpay APIs are authenticated using Basic Authentication. Know more about


Please ensure the security of your Dashboard credentials and API keys.

We are constantly building new processes to minimize the risk of online payment fraud. We actively monitor payment patterns and behaviour.

  • Our robust fraud detection process identifies and flags fraudulent chargebacks for review.
  • We check and flag hotlisted cards for every payment. (Hotlisting means that the card has been blocked temporarily or permanently for use)
  • We also use geographical and pattern-based transaction monitoring to identify fraudulent transactions.

Know more about


If you want to limit or authenticate ingress/egress to Razorpay, we provide a list of IP addresses for APIs and Webhooks.

Razorpay looks forward to working with the security community to find vulnerabilities and protect our businesses and customers. We are dedicated to responsibly resolving any security concerns.

If you have discovered any security vulnerabilities associated with our services, we appreciate your help in disclosing them to us responsibly. We encourage you to report any bugs on our

. Please provide a detailed description of the vulnerability found and the steps to replicate it.

For more details on our bug bounty programme and to submit reports, visit our


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