Security For Customers

Know how Razorpay handles customer security, saved cards and frauds.

Razorpay has strict processes to vet every company using our products to process payments. We adhere to stringent KYC norms and monitor transactions for fraudulent activities.

Razorpay is

certified. We store your cards securely and handle all data in compliance with PCI-DSS guidelines and RBI regulations. This is the most stringent accreditation in the payments industry.

Razorpay does not save sensitive card details. We only save the tokens. Your payment information will never reach the business’s servers unless they are PCI DSS certified.

You can manage and delete your card details stored as tokens. Know how to


Our robust fraud detection process identifies fraudulent charges and flags them for review. We actively monitor payment and refund patterns and behaviour. We conduct extensive background and KYC verification.

You have the right to dispute suspicious charges on your card or accounts. To report any frauds or suspicious activities, contact our

with the transaction details.

Follow the best practices listed below to avoid fraud and other risks. 

  • Only enter your details on secure sites. Look for an HTTPS connection and valid security certificates.
  • Keep your antivirus software and browsers up to date.
  • Do not enter your card details on suspicious websites to avoid phishing attempts.
  • Review the terms and conditions, return, cancellation, and refund policies on the business's website before paying.
  • Keep track of all your bank messages and pay attention to spam warnings on your UPI app.
  • Never share your passwords and OTPs.

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