Tutorial - How to Create Offers

Create Offers from the Razorpay Dashboard using an example.

Let us create an offer from the Dashboard using an example.

Assume that you are the manager of Tea Factory, a beverage company that sells packaged teabags using your website. You want to provide discounts on online purchases to attract customers and increase sales.

You want to create a Diwali Offer with the following settings:

Offer CriteriaOffer Information
Offer NameDiwali Dhamaka
Display Text10% discount on netbanking payments
Offer TypeDiscount - Percentage
Payment MethodNetbanking
Discount %10
Minimum Order Amount₹400
Maximum Discount Allowed₹500

Let us create this offer.

Watch this tutorial about how to create an offer.

To create an offer:

  1. Log in to the


  2. Navigate to Offers and click Create New Offer.

    Create an Offer
  3. The Create an Offer wizard appears with these four tabs.

    View components required during creating an offer

You can review the Offer configurations at the end under the


Under the Description tab, enter the following details. All the fields are mandatory.

  1. Offer Name: Enter the name of the offer. For example, Diwali Dhamaka. This appears at the Checkout.
  2. Display Text: Enter a meaningful description for the offer. For example, 10% discount on netbanking payments. This appears at the Checkout.
  3. Terms: Enter terms and conditions for the offer.
  4. Offer Type: Select the type of offer that you want to create. For example, Instant. This means that the offer is applied instantly. The customer pays only the discounted amount while making the payment.
  5. Click Next.
    Enter the offer details to proceed

In the Discount Type tab, enter the discount details that should be applied for the offer.

  1. Discount Type: Select the type of discount that should be applied to the offer. In this case, it is Percentage.
    1. Minimum Order amount: Enter the minimum bill amount for which the offer can be applied. Enter 400.
    2. Discount Worth: The percentage by which the original price should be reduced. Enter 10.
    3. Maximum Discount: The maximum amount that can be deducted from the bill amount. Enter 500.
  2. Click Next.
    Enter the discount details to proceed

In the Applicable On tab, enter details of the payment method you want to enable for the offer.

  1. Payment Method: Select the payment method to enable offers. For this example, select Net Banking.
  2. Issuer: If you want to restrict the offer to online payments from a specific bank, select the bank name from the list. Otherwise, do not select any bank. For this example, since the offer applies to all banks, we will not choose a bank.
  3. Click Next.
Enter the payment method details

Under the Offer Validity tab, set how long the offer should be valid and how you want to handle the payment failure situations:

  1. Starting On: Select the Starts Immediately check box for the offer to come into effect immediately. Alternatively, you can select the date and time the created Offer should become active.
  2. Expires On: Select the date and time the Offer should end. For example, 31 Oct 2020 at 11:59 pm.
  3. On Payment Failure: Define how to handle payment failure.
    • Do not allow payment to go through: The payment is failed.
    • Allow customer to pay without availing offer: The payment is allowed even though the set validations are not met. However, the offer is not applied to the bill amount. The customer will be charged the entire order amount. For this example, we will allow payments to go through.
  4. Max Usage: Set the number of times the offer should be applied across all transactions. For example, 100.
  5. Show Offer on Checkout: Select this check box for the created offer to be displayed for all Standard Checkout payments including .
  6. Click Next.
    Enter the offer validity details to proceed

Click the Overview tab to view the offer summary you just created.

  1. Terms and Conditions: Select the check box after you have read the disclaimer.
  2. Click Create Offer.
    Check the terms and conditions and create an offer

By default, all the created offers are in the enabled state.

Now that an offer is created, you should integrate the offers with the Checkout for customers to avail themselves the discounts and make payments. Know more about


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