tiktok marketing trending e-commerce business

Younger celebrities and popular influencers- from Kylie Jenner to Deepika Padukone are a part of TikTok and indulge in a variety of endorsements in a ‘relatable’ manner. A combination of all these features makes TikTok incredibly entertaining and explains its phenomenal download rate.

how to organize a webinar

Last month, we successfully organized Razorpay’s first-ever e-commerce webinar and we couldn’t be happier about the results. With over 250+ attendees, it’s safe to say that it was an incredibly productive experience! So, here we are with our secret recipe for organizing a successful webinar in just under 3 weeks.

ecommerce fraud prevention hacks

Fraud in e-commerce has substantially increased globally over the last few years with the immense rise in online marketplaces. With the advent of sophisticated technology, it’s only become more difficult for businesses to keep track of the tactics used to defraud them.

esop for startups

The fierce competition in the startup fraternity makes onboarding employees and retaining them very important. One of the rewards that most startups give out to nurture employee relationships are Employee Stock Options (ESOP). Read on to know more.