Providing indigenous experience to travellers

ExploreLifeTraveling operates in the experiential travel and living spaces and provides a platform that connects local hosts and homestays in a particular area with the interested travelers. This one-of-a-kind experience is a great way to enjoy a place through the lens of local folks.

While people travel and enjoy the local cuisines and other experiences, stay remains one of the experiences that involves most thought and trust is a very important component in the decision. ExploreLifeTraveling solves this exact problem by establishing ‘communities’ across the various homestays. For instance, a traveler with a pet can rent any home under the ‘Pet Lovers community’ and can immediately find comfort in the home of a fellow pet lover.

Currently operating out of 20 cities, ExploreLifeTraveling promises to provide a truly local experience through their network of home stays and aims to bridge the gap in the space of experiential traveling in India.

The road blocker in the Journey comes as a boon to travel enthusiasts who are willing to go an extra mile to enjoy a place in its most raw form and ambience. While the whole system seems easy from the look of it, the actual groundwork at the backend is complex and requires a solid infrastructure to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

There are multiple stakeholders involved through the journey starting from the community members hosting their homes on the platform, ExploreLifeTraveling as the marketplace (or aggregator) and the customer who makes the purchase. With so many parties involved and the given the scale of transactions made in a day, there is a genuine complexity in how your payments are split between the hosts and the marketplace.

ExploreLifeTraveling had been using NEFT and netbanking as primary modes of handling payments, however this resulted in the entire process needing a cumbersome manual reconciliation, from identifying a particular transaction, verifying amounts credited, and scheduling the payout to the host.

Addressing the problem would require extra tech capabilities to build a system that could perform the basic functionality of scheduling the payouts and notifying the respective teams to carry out the process manually.

Razorpay ROUTE gives them a smooth ride

Razorpay Route gave them a provision to split the payments without having to worry about transfers, settlements, refunds without any other manual intervention. The entire process is API driven and completely automated, making the entire payments handling process smooth and seamless. On asking about the convenience Razorpay Route provides, The CEO says:

“I was concerned about the tracking of the payouts that happened to the host at their respective settlement time but Razorpay dashboard gives me the ease of having a clear visibility into all of the transfers and settlements while using Route.”

The transfers in the business are primarily based on the cancellation policy. The marketplace has to wait for the customer to avail the stay at a particular place to make the settlement towards the host. If the customer cancels the booking before a stipulated time, refund is initiated without the host getting into the picture. This is taken care of by Settlement On hold functionality provided by Razorpay Route.

With Razorpay already being our solution to accept payments online, there was no extra effort required to integrate Razorpay Route. All we had to do was initiate the request and it was enabled within a day.

As a growing organisation, ExploreLifeTraveling was looking for a solution which could help them onboard as many hosts on the platform and increase the variety offered to customers. Instant Onboarding process asks for a sample vendor agreement which helps them to onboard as many hosts on the platform. The marketplace provides few details and gets them added as linked accounts for payouts to function seamlessly and soon. Razorpay Route gives businesses the freedom to grow as fast they can.

Easily Split and Transfer Payments
with Razorpay Route
Any business which has vendor based or e-commerce model should be greatly benefited with Razorpay Route as it saves them time and effort of manually handling payouts to the vendors.
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