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Workflow Automation

Razorpay Slack app comes in super handy to receive your Payments and Banking alerts or perform actions right within your Slack channels

If you are a Payments user, you can use this app to:

  1. - Receive Razorpay payment success and failed on Slack channels for Payment Gateway, Payment Links and Payment Pages
  2. - Receive Payment downtimes and resolution updates in Slack channels so you and your team can monitor them real time
  3. - Create Payment Links without leaving Slack

If you are a Banking user, you can use this app to:

  1. - Get alerts on pending Payouts
  2. - Approve and reject pending payouts
  3. - View account balance

To view the list of all Razorpay Slack app commands, check out our documentation

How to use the Razorpay app on Slack?

You will need an activated Razorpay account and a Slack account for this integration to work.

Watch this quick video tutorial to start using Razorpay with Slack.

For any issues related to this app, please contact our support team here.

Have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us here - Share feedback.