Slack Integration

Know how to integrate Slack with Razorpay and get real-time updates regarding payment downtimes.

Slack is a business communication platform widely used by organisations to communicate with each other. It has multiple channels organised based on teams or topics. The participants can send messages, images, internet links, or videos in the channels.

Watch Out!

  • Only Owners can install this OAuth App and perform integration.
  • If other standard user roles need to get notifications, they can be added to the Slack channel(s).

You can integrate Razorpay with Slack to get real-time updates regarding payment downtimes.

Use Cases🔗

  1. Get real-time notifications whenever there is a payment downtime or when the payment downtime is resolved.
  2. Receive notifications whenever you receive payments.

Video Tutorial🔗

Watch this video to learn how to integrate your Slack application with Razorpay.

Integration Steps🔗

Follow these steps to integrate your Slack application with Razorpay:

  1. Click on the Slack App within the Razorpay Appstore.

  2. Click on Get Started.

  3. You will be taken to the Slack workspace page, where you need to select the workspace you want to install this app.

  4. Select the appropriate workspace and click Allow.

    Handy Tips
    To proceed further, you need admin access to your workspace. If you are not an admin, you would see a window to request your admin to allow access.

  5. After you click Allow, you will see a redirection window to your Slack desktop app.

  6. Click on Open Slack.

  7. You will see that Razorpay is now officially added as an app to your workspace under Apps section.

  8. Now, you need to connect your Razorpay account with your Slack account.

  9. Select any of the Slack channels and enter the command /razorpay connect.

  10. After you enter the command, you will receive a "Hello" message along with a Connect button.

  11. Click Connect button. You will be redirected to the Razorpay OAuth page.

  12. If not logged in, login to Razorpay OAuth page and click on Authorize.

    Handy Tips
    To authorize this page, you need to have Owner account access to Razorpay.

  13. Once authorized, you will be redirected back to the Slack app where you will see a welcome message which says, "You have successfully linked your account with Razorpay's Slack app".

  14. Your one time setup is now completed.

  15. Enter the command /razorpay subscribe payment-downtimes in the channel from which you want to get downtime notifications.

You will now receive updates from Razorpay in the Slack channel about payment downtimes, downtimes being resolved or any other updates.