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Rapidly Evolving Customer Needs

Consumer preferences are fast evolving. From the instant convenience of on-demand offerings to the ease of making seamless recurring payments, find out what really keeps today's customers engaged.

The Start of the Subscriptions Economy

From consumer services like Netflix & Amazon Prime to enterprise services like Salesforce and Slack, businesses & customers are fast embracing subscriptions models. Read exactly how this revolution started.

What are Subscriptions and How do They Work?

Subscription is a business model where the customer decides to consume goods and services on a periodical basis. Learn to tailor your subscription plan & read about the most popular subscription models.

Subscriptions Market in India

From heavyweights like Ola & Flipkart to niche players like Fab Bag, & Sugar Box Indian businesses are making huge bets on subscriptions. Get a 360-degree view of the state of subscription businesses in India.

Why Recurring Billing Models are a Win-Win?

The new model to sell is making companies agile & efficient like never before. From building deeper customer relationships to increasing adoption and catapulting LTV, subscription models are a win-win for all businesses.

Subscription Success Stories in India

Leading brands in India across BFSI, healthcare and education sectors among others are leveraging subscriptions. Read how Razorpay Subscriptions enabled two industry leaders to transform their business via subscription billing.

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