"An empty home is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with beautiful home furnishing items. Decorating a home gives the homeowner a chance to make it their own space. And while buying home furnishing products, one should only worry about its quality and not the cost,"  says Mr Ravi Kadyan.

Mr Ravi Kadyan is the brainchild behind Decor Bajar, a brand that sells premium quality and affordable home furnishing products. Decor Bajar is located in Panipat, Haryana, the city known for exporting the best quality furnishing products. They sell a wide range of products, such as carpets, bedsheets, comforter/quilts, table mats, and more.

Decor Bajar wants its products to reach every house in India. And to do that, they figured out they needed a trustworthy checkout partner who would make the buying process smooth, safe, and seamless for their customers.

The Initial Challenges

Trust Issues

Being new in a highly competitive market turned out to be quite challenging for Decor Bajar. Decor Bajar wanted their customers to trust them while buying and paying for home furnishing items. But customers were reluctant to trust a new eCommerce store.

The main problem in the online home furnishing industry is trust and the quality of a product.

Slow and Complicated Checkout

Shopify was their first choice when it came to setting up an eCommerce store. But as soon as checkout came into the picture, they felt Shopify's checkout process was relatively slow and complicated. Customers were adding products to their carts, but weren't completing their orders, inevitably increasing the cart abandonment rate.

The Solution

One-Click Checkout

Decor Bajar was looking for a checkout partner that would allow customers to complete their purchase process quickly, safely, and securely. Razorpay Magic Checkout provides eCommerce stores with a one-click checkout experience, allowing shoppers to complete their purchases super fast.

Customers don't need to fill in long account creation forms, and they get to enjoy a faster and repeat-like shopping experience. Magic Checkout automatically prefills delivery details and information of customers who have shopped previously from Magic Checkout network stores, allowing customers to checkout 5x faster.

Enhance Brand Loyalty

Customers don’t trust new eCommerce and D2C brands easily. In fact, 17% of customers don't trust online stores with their credit/debit card information. Razorpay is a trusted checkout partner and helps build a positive brand image so that customers can trust such companies better. Also, there is a Razorpay Trusted Business badge program that select brands can win based on prolonged trusted behaviour. This further helps in enhancing brand image, particularly if they are new.

The Impact

Increased order Conversion Rate by 33%

Razorpay Magic Checkout has successfully lowered the cart abandonment rate of Decor Bajar, and their conversion rate increased by 33%. The brand started seeing positive results after enabling Magic Checkout.

Magic Checkout has shown us good results by reducing our cart abandonment rate significantly. It's just real magic; after Magic Checkout, our ROAS have crossed 20x.

Improved Brand Image

Razorpay is a trusted checkout partner for millions of businesses. Razorpay provides eCommerce and D2C businesses with a Razorpay Trusted Business badge program, which helps build trust and boosts checkout conversion rates.

Having Razorpay's name during the checkout is enough for the customers to trust our website. Due to this trust, our paid orders have increased. It's a game changer for us.

Few Words by Decor Bajar’s Founder

Mr Ravi Kadyan

Founder, Decor Bajar

Magic Checkout has helped us decrease the cart abandonment rate tremendously. It has shown us impressive results by increasing our order conversion rate by 33%. Integrating Magic Checkout was effortless. It was just one-click activation process on Shopify. The team was helpful and guided me well. Thanks Razorpay Magic Checkout. It’s truly Magic.

Razorpay Magic Checkout Can Help You Boost Your Order Conversion Rate Too!

Decor Bajar's success story is an inspiration to many D2C and eCommerce businesses. If this story has inspired you, and you want to boost your brand's order conversion rate, don't hesitate to connect with the Razorpay Magic Checkout team. We are here to help.

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