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Pabbly Connect provides you the ability to integrate multiple applications by managing the data flow smoothly with no technical skills required. It holds more than 850+ integration.

Why Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is a workflow automation platform that connects multiple applications together.

You can send data from one application to another application and sync your data across multiple applications.

Currently, Pabbly Connect has over 850+ applications integrated and has more than 9,000+ customers worldwide.

You will find various easy-to-use inbuilt tools that help you create automation workflows with advanced capabilities like scheduling, delay, router, and many more. Pabbly Connect supports all the popular apps for CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, Helpdesk, Payments, Web forms, Collaboration, and much more.

How to use Pabby with Razorpay

You will need an active Razorpay account and a Pabbly Connect account for this integration to work.

There are a large number of use cases that are possible to use with Pabbly and Razorpay Integration few of them are listed below:-

  1. When a new order/invoice is paid in Razorpay, Add the customer details to Google Sheets immediately via Pabbly Connect.
  2. When a payment is failed in RazorPay, Send the customer notification on their WhatsApp for retrying the payment.
  3. When Invoice is paid in the Razorpay, Create an Order in Woocommerce.
  4. When Invoice is paid in the Razorpay, Add the meeting registrant in Zoom.

You can refer to our video library that is created by our team to see how Razorpay can be integrated with different applications using Pabbly Connect. The video library contains more than 100+ videos for integrating RazorPay with different applications.

You can contact us atadmin@pabbly.comor call us at+91 9926465653or +91 9926255956

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