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Workflow Automation

With the Integromat app, users can integrate Razorpay with other web apps by moving the data automatically using triggers and actions. With this you can automate tedious tasks and save time to focus on your most important work.

Why integromat?

Here are some sample workflows that can significantly reduce your effort while working with Razorpay products -

  • Update a Google sheet or an excel sheet when a new transaction happens in your Razorpay account
  • Send an automated email to your customers when a new payment is successful or failed through apps like Gmail, Sendgrid etc.,
  • Create a GST invoice and send it to customer on a successful payment through accounting softwares like Zoho
  • Create a customer or update details of existing customers in CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce etc., when a new payment is successful.

Or use your imagination to achieve hundred other possible use cases Razorpay triggers plus wide variety of Integromat actions

How to use Razorpay with Integromat

You will need an activated Razorpay account and a integromat account for this integration to work.

For detailed documentation, click here

Watch this quick video tutorial to start using Razorpay with Integromat.

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