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Conversational Commerce

Built on official WhatsApp Business APIs, Interakt enables fast-growing E-commerce and D2C brands to multiply sales via automated promotional & transactional nudges and also via a smooth checkout chat-flow, for your customers to place orders on WhatsApp.

Haptik is a leader in Conversational AI, which helps businesses set up advanced chatbots on multiple channels. With the Razorpay integration, brands can use payment links in chatbot flows to improve collections efficiency and boost conversational commerce.

Why Interakt?

With Interakt, business owners can:

  • Trigger automated WhatsApp notifications for abandoned cart recoveries, order / payment confirmations, offers, back in stock alerts etc
  • Configure auto-replies to FAQs and build automated chat flows to help customers seamlessly place orders on WhatsApp
  • Manage customer chats efficiently in a Shared Team Inbox by assigning and labeling chats
  • Send the newly introduced Multi-product Catalog Messages to 1000s of customers at scale and get WhatsApp carts from them
  • Integrate WhatsApp with their business workflows in other tools, like: Shopify, WooCommerce, Zoho, Google Sheets, Facebook Leads & more!
  • Generate qualified leads by adding a WhatsApp chat widget on their websites

With Razorpay integrated with Haptik, brands can:

  • Reduce cart dropouts by giving customers a seamless payment experience during the conversational flow
  • Accelerate time-to-value with Haptik's field-tested, Smart Skills and automate common use cases such as pay insurance premium, pay loan EMI, pay utility bills, and more
  • Easily integrate with other systems like CRMs to pass on details to general easy Payment Links
  • Build seamless revenue pipeline with reminders and notification for recurring payments

How to use the Razorpay with Interakt Haptik?

To use Razorpay with Interakt:
  • Set live your Razorpay integration by logging into your Razorpay account from the Integrations page in Interakt
  • Then, simply set live your automated checkout flow from Interakt’s Commerce Settings. This flow will be triggered whenever a customer sends you a WhatsApp cart. A Razorpay payment link will be automatically sent in the chat flow after your customer has provided his shipping address
  • To be able to send automatic WhatsApp notifications for payment confirmations & failures (payment link / invoice):
    • copy the webhook URL from Interakt’s Integrations page and configure it in your Razorpay dashboard.
    • Then, set live an Ongoing Campaign in Interakt and select the trigger as ‘Payment Succeeded’ / ‘Payment Failed’. (You can add further more conditions & filters to the campaign audience.)

To use Razorpay with Haptik:

  • In the bot builder, use Razorpay based smart skills to build payment use cases
  • Plug in key_id and key_secret from your Razorpay Merchant Dashboard into the bot flow
  • Define the input sources and payment parameters for the Razorpay Payment Link like amount,expire_by, currency, payment labels, etc. as per the smart skill documentation. You are good to run your payment flows now.

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