Build for a digital first India on the Razorpay App Store

Come & build solutions that will power the financial ecosystem of India. With our developer-friendly APIs, launch flexible solutions for businesses on top of the building blocks from Razorpay.

Build great apps, get better rewards

Build great apps, get better rewards

To nurture this relationship, we are proud to announce a fund of upto INR 1 Crore to support the next generation of groundbreaking apps on our App Store.

Built for Developers

Control all aspects of payments via our robust APIs and SDKs built for enabling automation. Our APIs ensure a smooth, hassle-free integration while helping you save big on time, money and efforts.

Create Effortlessly

The Razorpay App Store is all you need to smoothen all of your processes. Share with us your idea and we shall get back to you with incentives!

We are a community of disruptors

Join the community of over 8.5 lakh+ businesses and get started to

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