Fraud Prevention solution Thirdwatch is now trending on Shopify.

Fraud Prevention solution Thirdwatch is now trending on Shopify.

Control RTO losses through Data, Machine Learning and Design

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning

Capture fraud across a wide database with an advanced ML engine.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Mini models, global signals and an ensemble of AI algorithms to accurately profile fraud

Alt for incomplete addresses

Real Time Alerts

Robust systems to immediately flag risky transactions as and when they happen

What you can do with Thirdwatch

Review non-deliverable addresses

Identify incorrect or incomplete addresses entered accidentally

Detect fraud orders

Flag fake orders by analysing multiple parameters like junk details & historical patterns

Identify impulse purchases

Detect irregular purchase patterns to signal a high probability of return or cancellation
ecommerce and COD fraud

Thirdwatch is now on Shopify and WooCommerce!

Check out the all-new Thirdwatch plug-in on Shopify and WooCommerce. Integration only takes a few minutes!

How does Thirdwatch work?

Use our REST APIs or plugins for Shopify & WooCommerce

Get real-time alerts for high risk purchases and transactions

Take action
Make better business decisions and prevent avoidable losses

Integration Made Simple and Seamless

Integrate Thirdwatch with your existing platforms, independent of any other Razorpay offering. One-click integration offered on the world's top online business platforms. Or use our great REST APIs. Get Thirdwatch up and running, effortlessly in minutes! View Documentation

Six Ways How Thirdwatch Aids Your Business


Keeps evolving and becoming more intelligent as it sees and grasps more and more transactions.


Engages with partners from phase one. Starting from the time the user creates an account to the end transaction.


Empowers and engages its partners with tools that help identify fraudulent users.


Understands the importance of real-time customer communication & gives a risk score in milliseconds.

Risk Mitigation

Designed to give anonymous buyers a face & fingerprints when there is no voice attributed to them.

Result centric

Makes sure you see the reduction in RTO losses because what eventually matters, is the reduced costs.

Double Thumbs Up from Thirdwatch Customers

Start Fighting Fraud With Thirdwatch

A platform that has learned from millions of transactions to help you flag risky transactions and increase profitability