The Auspicious
Cron Runner

Afraid of your cron job failing? Run it at
the auspicious timings for the best results

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Why Shubh Cron?

Are you frustated from failing cron jobs every now and then?
Do you feel a revolutionary change is required to make these cron jobs run smoother?
Do you believe that position of stars judge everything in our lives, including your cron jobs?

If you answered YES to all these questions, you wouldn't be asking why shubhcron is needed.

shubhcron is a drop in-replacement for your existing cron service that lets you make sure that your cron jobs run only at auspicious times

# Restart server, but if the time is auspicious
shutdown --reboot
# Run deployments, but only if Saturn is in the fifth house
kubectl apply -f update.yml
# Run package uprades, but only if the stars align
apt-get upgrade --assume-yes
# Schedule emails, but only if the Vedas indicate high conversions
php artisan email:send
# Schedule money transfers, but only if luck favours
# Run the JVM garbage collector, but only if all is well

Infinite Possibilities

One shubh command to rule them all. Apply shubhcron to everything in your sight to make sure everything is run at the Just Right™ time.

Lucky Features

ShubhCron is built with all the features that a Dev (Developer, not Deva) would need to run cron jobs at the right possible times.

Location Support

shubhcron runs in whatever location you specify. Ideally this would be the location where your servers are kept. We advice turning off all cronjobs during migrations. The default location is set to Ayodhya.

Async Await

By setting a SHUBH_WAIT environment variable, you can run your scripts on a delayed basis. shubh will ensure that your code runs at exactly the right time.

Portable, Available Everywhere

We have pre-built packages available for Ubuntu/Debian/Arch Linux with more systems being added soon. Windows builds are available, but do not offer cron support as of yet.

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Disclaimer: Humour is a funny thing. And 1st April is all about it. Our intention isn't to demean any person or event. Pinky promise.