Nua Woman was founded in 2017 with the vision to provide holistic wellness solutions to women across India, where limited options are available for women to suit their individual needs.

The direct-to-consumer brand aims at solving real problems faced by women through their customisable menstrual health products and innovative solutions like self-heating patch for period pains. Some of the other marquee products by Nua include customisable pack of sanitary pads and nutraceutical drinks for period symptoms.

The challenge - Making recurring payments hassle-free

Women health and wellness are key to Nua Woman's success, personalisation being their unique selling proposition.

In India, there is a huge gap when brands try to solve for women consumers. This is due to the lack of direct and honest conversations around topics that matter to the audience. Consequently, the ability to understand real issues gets diminished and this in turn dilutes the overall customer experience.

Nua Woman saw the gap, acknowledged it, and decided to take a different approach that includes personalised products along with engaging conversations and a strong customer experience.

To make sure the customers enjoyed purchasing from Nua Woman, they had to understand the buying behaviour of their audience. Since menstrual wellness products were innovated by Nua Woman, women tend to opt for repeated purchases. And the brand needed a solution that could support automated recurring payments.

Razorpay Subscriptions - The Gamechanger

Razorpay has been a partner in Nua Woman's growth journey ever since its inception and was the only platform at the time to provide the option of recurring payments to Nua Woman's customers.

Razorpay Subscriptions allowed Nua Woman to offer numerous customisation options, enhancements or add-ons, convenience to pause and resume a plan, choose payment frequencies and even upgrade or downgrade in the middle of a billing cycle.

Overall, integration with Razorpay has been fairly straightforward. The availability of plugins and Razorpay documentation has helped our integration efforts to a fair extent.
Abhishek Ramanathan

A word about Razorpay:

Nua's relationship with Razorpay started at the brand's inception. Over the last 3 years, the company has been able to grow while continuing to keep our focus on recurring payments, and Razorpay has played an integral role in this. In the coming years, Nua Woman hopes to further strengthen this relationship by adopting newer products and features that add value to our business model.

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