The usage of mobile phones has increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. With educational institutes and workplaces going virtual, people often search for mobile phone accessories to continue using their current phones rather than buying new ones.

This encouraged Mr Gourab Saha to start Indclues, an eCommerce platform that sells mobile accessories. The company is located in West Bengal, India, and they sell good quality mobile batteries, data cables, mobile chargers, etc., all across India.

Apart from selling affordable and quality mobile accessories, Indclues wanted to provide customers with a seamless buying experience that would become the key player to their success. They built an aesthetically appealing eCommerce store on Shopify to attract visitors and fulfil orders fast. However, when it came to finding the right checkout partner, they did face some challenges.

I was looking for a checkout partner that would help my store place orders fast.

The Initial Challenges

Complicated and Slow Checkout

Indclues knew which eCommerce platform to go ahead with to start selling their products, which is why they chose Shopify. The store knew they needed the best checkout solution that was easy to integrate, fast, and secure. They tried Shopify's checkout process but found it a bit lengthy and slow.

Shopify provided Indclues with theme-based customization for the checkout. But the major issue the store struggled with was the coding part of creating the desired checkout. This step could only be taken care of by an experienced developer. Indclues found the entire process time-consuming and challenging.

High Return-to-Origin Rate

Indclues wanted everyone to have easy access to their products. This motivated them to add multiple payment methods, which included cash on delivery. But the cash-on-delivery orders were often cancelled, inevitably increasing the RTO (return to origin) rate.

And high return to origin rate created multiple other issues for Indclues. There were forward and reverse logistic costs, the inventory was getting blocked, the returned items stayed in the inventory or warehouse for a long time, increasing the chances of getting damaged, and there were recurring operational costs.

The Solution

I considered multiple checkout providers, but after speaking with Razorpay Magic Checkout team and learning what they offer, there was no other comparison.

One-Click Checkout

Razorpay Magic Checkout offers eCommerce stores a frictionless and seamless checkout. One can enable Razorpay Magic Checkout with just one click, and no coding knowledge is required.

Customers who shop from Magic Checkout network stores never have to worry about filling out lengthy account creation forms. Everything gets automatically and magically prefilled, allowing customers visiting Indclues for the first time to enjoy a repeat-like shopping experience.

The UI (user interface) is mobile optimized and super seamless, making it easier for shoppers to complete their purchases. Since mCommerce is booming, Magic Checkout allows customers to have a mobile-friendly checkout experience every time they shop from Magic Checkout network stores. This allows customers to checkout 5x faster, saving their precious time.

RTO Intelligence

Razorpay Magic Checkout provides eCommerce businesses with the provision to enable and disable the COD payment option in real time for high-risk orders. The RTO intelligence analyzes each order and red flags high-risk orders with a high propensity to RTO based on customers' historic RTO patterns across hundreds of brands in the Magic Checkout network.

The Impact

5X Faster Checkout

Razorpay Magic Checkout automatically prefills delivery details and payment information of customers who have shopped previously from Magic Checkout network stores, allowing customers to checkout 5x faster and enjoy a repeat-like shopping experience.

Increased Order Conversion Rate by 300%

Razorpay Magic Checkout has successfully lowered the RTO rate for Indclues and increased their order conversion rate by 300%, leading to a massive bump in their revenue! Smart COD and RTO Protection not only allowed Indclues to offer COD as a payment method confidently but have helped the store boost its business revenue and sales tremendously.

Few Words by Indclues’s Founder

Mr Gourab Saha

Founder, Indclues

Razorpay Magic Checkout has helped us boost our order conversion rate by 300% within two months of implementing it. Integrating Magic Checkout was easy, and it was just a one-click activation process on Shopify. The journey so far with Magic Checkout has been truly magical

Boost Your Order Conversion Rate with Razorpay Magic Checkout

Indclues' journey has been nothing short of inspiration. If you want to increase your order conversion rate, overcome RTO losses, and offer COD as a payment method confidently, just like Indclues, get in touch with Razorpay Magic Checkout today. We are here to help you.

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