FreshToHome is a service that helps customers order the best catch of fish and the finest grade of meat, on their website and receive the order in the shortest possible time. Currently operating across 8 cities in India, FreshToHome takes customer satisfaction and customer safety very seriously and ensures that only the freshest, chemical-free produce reaches the hands of its customers.

Why Payments Handling was a Pain?

Effective supply chain management and logistics are key to FreshToHome’s success. While they were busy optimizing this, FreshToHome started facing problems with regards to capturing payments from customers. Customers thought they had placed the order and made the payment, while FreshToHome did not receive the payments. Lapses in the payment capture and authorization process was the root cause of the problem. This resulted in both a revenue loss and a poor customer experience. Customers started losing trust and that’s not a place any business wants to be in!

What FreshToHome needed to turn things around was a payment gateway that was robust with the ability to solve their core problem. In addition, the solution would also have to be easy to operate with a simple and quick integration process. Every additional day of delay was causing more hassle to both customers and the business.

Quick Activation, Optimised APIs Reduced Revenue Loss

In their quest for a payment solution, FreshToHome reached out to Razorpay, a solution recommended by a fellow startup founder. Razorpay’s easy and fast onboarding process further influenced their decision.

Along with mounting revenue loss, the immediate area of impact was the declining customer trust, a hard to repair problem for any startup. Razorpay’s detailed documentation helped FreshToHome to integrate and get live with the new payment solution in just 2 days. The 24-hour support that even extended to FreshToHome’s customers helped in resolving customers immediate payment issues.

The main issue of payment capture and authorization was now being easily managed through Razorpay’s Orders API. With the Orders API, FreshToHome could easily map payment details (amount, receipt id etc) to the specific orders. It also allowed them to track payment attempts for an order to ensure that the order is paid for only once. Now, since payment acceptance was streamlined, occurrences of refunds also drastically reduced.

With easy to integrate APIs and excellent customer support, Razorpay is exactly what we needed at Freshtohome.
Saurabh Odhyan
Head of Technology

Payments Become Hassle-Free, Focus Shifts back to Growing Core Business

FreshToHome’s integration with Razorpay was fast and hassle- free; it saved time, effort and the additional resource cost for handling payments. While payments was an important aspect of the business, FreshToHome wanted to stay focused on the core business of selling best livestock by strengthening their supply chain. They always wanted a payment solution that was stable and self-fulfilling, in order to focus on their core business, Razorpay turned out to be that holistic solution for them.

Supercharge your business with Razorpay
Payment Gateway
Razorpay helped us focus on our core business without worrying about payment issues. Being a small team, this has been extremely beneficial for us to run efficiently. Razorpay’s integration was a breeze and team has always been very responsive while dealing with any kind of payment issues. Thanks to Razorpay we were able to smoothen out payment experience for our customers.
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