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Payment Links Bot


Razorpay Payment Links is an easy way to receive payments for goods and services. Create and share payment links with your customers to accept payments

Installing Razorpay Whatsapp Bot for Payment Links enables you to accept payments from your customers by creating and sharing payment links to them from Whatsapp directly

How to use Razorpay Whatsapp Bot for Payment Links

  1. Install
    Install the Whatsapp Bot for Payment Links from the Razorpay App Store

  2. Welcome Message
    Receive a welcome message on the mobile number associated with your Razorpay Admin Account

    Screenshot from whatsapp chat where Razorpay bot sent App Successfully Installed message
  3. Create Payment Link
    To create a Payment Link,
    Send Create <Amount> to create a Payment Link
    eg: Create 100 will create a Payment Link for INR 100

    User sent Create 100
  4. Share Payment Link
    You will receive the Payment Link from Razorpay which can shared with your customers

    Razorpay bot replied with Link creation success message and the payment link