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Customer Communications

Gallabox is a purpose-built, no-code conversational commerce platform that helps small and medium-sized companies modernize and automate their customer conversations on WhatsApp by deploying ready-to-use workflows, to turn leads to deals and conversations to commerce.

Why Gallabox?

Gallabox help manage contacts and conversations from WhatsApp and make it easier for you to respond through our collaborative dashboard. Using our shared inbox, team members can assign conversations, @mention through private notes, send template notifications to streamline sales, and marketing workflows while integrating with tools including eCommerce platforms and payment gateways to automate the customer journey with ease.

How to use Gallabox with Razorpay?

will need an active Razorpay account and a Gallabox account for this integration to work.

There are a large number of use cases that are possible to use with Gallabox and Razorpay Integration few of them are listed below:-

  • Converse and engage with customers throughout their order/ payment journey with Gallabox’s sophisticated features like bot flows, automated messaging, etc.,
  • Trigger customized and automated WhatsApp message notifications based on the payment status.
  • Easily integrate with your CRMs, dynamically generate and send payment links with our ready-to-use bot flows.
  • May whatever your use case be - orders/payment confirmation, offers, new product alerts, abandoned cart recovery, Invoice clearance & more. Save time by automating it with Gallabox.
  • In short, Razorpay + Gallabox = efficient payment workflows increased productivity, and happier customers.

In case you face any issues, reach out to us at yathin@mangoleap.com