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Drag - Drop Low-Code Platform to build web and mobile apps at speed. Democratising internal app development and relieving engineering teams for frontend development needs of admin panels, GUIs, dashboards, forms, portals, CRUD apps.

Why DronaHQ?

DronaHQ is a leading SaaS based comprehensive low-code app development platform to build secure mobile & web applications, using a drag and drop builder with pre-built UI elements, integrations, and add-ons. DronaHQ is a recognized global leader in enterprise low-code tech.

It gives engineering teams the ability to build rich user interfaces. The only platform to offer both web and mobile app development, and usage-based pricing plans (unlimited users in each plan).

Trusted by CTOs and engineering teams of startups and Fortune 500 enterprises and loved by developers.

With Razopray plus DronaHQ integration, you can easily build a webpage or mobile app that can allow you to accept payments via payment links.

How to use DronaHQ with Razorpay

You will need an activated Razorpay account and a DronaHQ account for this integration to work.

Please follow the steps here or follow the video to integrate

Watch this quick video tutorial to start using Razorpay with DronaHQ.

You can contact us at friends@dronamobile.com