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Business Accounting Software

BUSY Accounting Software offers accounting and inventory management with features like Comprehensive GST Module, Operations Management, Configurable Invoicing and more.

The Razorpay patch on BUSY is Easy to set up for online collection of payments with Instant reconciliation. With Razorpay Payment Links , give your customers the convenience to pay you immediately via email, SMS, etc. You can accept payments via credit card, debit card, Net Banking, UPI and more with giving offers and discounts to your customers from time to time.

Integrate Razorpay on BUSY’s dashboard to send payment links to your customers in just 6 simple steps:

  1. Install Razorpay’s Software Patch and Run it
    Go to Add On Collection Engine Registration to begin.

  2. Register with Razorpay to get your Merchant ID.

  3. Add in customer’s account details and click on Install Custom Validation to install the add-on in your dashboard.

  4. Fill in account details in Transaction to enable payment links.
    Use Reports to send payment reminders’.

  5. Start Sending Payment Links to Your Customers

    Go to Transaction → Sale → Add (to add Sale Voucher details) → OK → Do you want to send Payment Link? → ‘Yes’ → Sending Payment Link → Sent.

  6. Wait to see  Link sent successfully
  7. Go to Add On → Collection Engine → Get Data → Razorpay Payments → Verify Payments to send receipts to your customers after receiving payments.