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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Razorpay Capital.

To revoke the consent you gave through Razorpay to pull your credit report,

from the RazorpayX Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Need Help? in the bottom-right corner of the Dashboard.

  2. Click Write To Us and choose Raise a new request.

  3. Select Corporate Cards Related from the listed categories.

  4. Mention your request to revoke consent in the text box.

    For example, "I want to revoke the consent provided to Razorpay to pull my credit report when applying for RazorpayX Capital products."

  5. Click Submit.

Raise a support request to revoke consent on RazorpayX Dashboard

1. How can I get a RazorpayX Corporate Card for my business?

If you are already eligible, you can

. We evaluate your credit bureau reports and your business bank statements.

A high credit score is not necessary to avail a RazorpayX Corporate Card. Your business performance on Razorpay or RazorpayX products is the most important factor.

2. How do I check the status of my application?

You can check the status of your application on the

after completing the first two steps. Those include:

  • Finishing a credit bureau check.
  • Uploading your bank statements' PDFs using the perfios portal.

If your application is still under review for more than a day, you can

, and check your email for any clarifications needed from our representative.

3. Should I upload bank statements to get a RazorpayX Corporate Card?

Yes. In compliance with our credit and partners policy, we need your bank statements to evaluate the additional credit lines we can give after assessing your business health.

You can safely upload your details via perfios portal or upload pdfs on the


4. I am unable to enter my OTP or upload bank statements. What should I do?

Check again if you have entered the correct mobile number registered with the credit bureau.

If you still face any issue, you can

with the Support Team. We can resolve it, or arrange for an alternative to help you complete your application at the earliest.

5. My request got rejected when I tried to avail a RazorpayX Corporate Card. Why? When can I apply again?

There are various reasons for which you may be rejected for a RazorpayX Corporate Card, and we are continuously evaluating our policies to give cards to more and many legitimate businesses.

We request you to reapply for a Corporate Card after 3 months.

6. How do I get Add-on Cards for my team members?

You can get Add-On Cards for your team members right from your


7. How can I increase my credit limit on RazorpayX Corporate Card?

Your credit limit increases or decreases automatically every month (generally in the first or second week) in line with your business performance, card usage and timely repayment behaviour.

We send you a confirmation mail to get your consent to increase the limit. You can

for further query resolution.

8. How do I change, enable or disable the auto-payment schedule for RazorpayX Corporate Card?

You can change your current settings easily in

. You can change the window or dates of repayment from the settlement balance of the payment gateway or disable it altogether.

If you choose to disable the auto-repayment option, remember to pay your bill manually through the Pay Now button on your


9. How do I pay my bill manually with net-banking or UPI?

You can pay your bill manually through the Pay Now button on your


10. My credit is low and I want to spend more. What can I do to increase it?

You can load your card upfront or and prepay/repay before the bill is generated to increase your spending limit beyond your credit limit. Please use the Pay More or Pay Now button to do this.

Factors that can naturally increase your credit limit include

  • Increasing volume of payments on Razorpay payment gateway.
  • Continuous usage of your card for at least three months.
  • Timely repayments of your generated bill.

You can continue to use 100% of your credit limit. Then repay it before the bill is generated or pre-pay/load the card upfront to increase your spending limit.

1. What are On-demand Instant Settlements and Same-day Scheduled Settlements?

With Razorpay Capital, you have the flexibility to pick and choose how quick and early you want your settlements to be, based on your business needs.

  • Instant settlements were previously called On-demand Instant Settlements. Razorpay processes these settlements within 10 seconds of capturing the payment. You can choose the amount required to settle instantly for a small fee.
  • Same-day scheduled settlements are settled with a T+0 cycle at specific hours of the day by Razorpay.

Know more about


2. What is the settlement schedule for Same-day Settlements?

  • For transactions successfully completed on any day between 09:00 hours to 16:59 hours, subject to the funds being captured during any bank working day, the settlements shall be initiated to the Merchant at 17:00 hours on the same bank working day.

  • For transactions successfully completed on any day between 17:00 pm hrs to 09:59 am (next day), subject to the funds being captured during any bank working day, the settlements shall be initiated to the Merchant at 09:00 am on the same bank working day.

3. As a merchant, where and how do I find On-demand Instant Settlements, Same-day Settlements and pricing charged for them?

Same-day settlements are the same as regular settlements, except that they are settled at T+0. You can find these settlements in the settlement report and the combined report on the payment gateway dashboard.

On-Demand Instant settlements are non-recurring payouts from your settlement balance. So such settlements appear as payouts in settlement reports, combined reports and also in the on-demand payouts on the


4. Which transactions get settled on the same-day after enabling Scheduled Same-day Settlements?

Any transactions captured after enabling the Schedule Same-day Settlement are settled as per the Early Settlement schedule. However, any transaction captured before that and not settled yet are settled as per the merchant’s previous settlement schedule.

5. How to enable Scheduled Same-day Settlements/Early Settlements/Automatic Settlements?

You become eligible for unlimited Instant Settlements and Scheduled Same-day Settlements (both T+0 cycle) after 50 days of being active on the Payment Gateway. You should continue to use Razorpay for domestic payments and make sure your refund and dispute rates are low. We send you an email to confirm once you are eligible.

Watch this video about

if you are already eligible.

6. Are there any limits to Instant Settlements or Same-day Settlements?

Only Instant Settlements are available from day 1 for most businesses with some exceptions and limits.

To avail settling unlimited amounts through both instant and same-day settlements, you must have been consistently using the Dashboard in the first 50 days.

7. How to remove the limit on Instant Settlements and make it unlimited?

By being active on the Payment Gateway for 50+ days, you can avail unlimited Instant Settlements. Ensure your refund and dispute rates are low and continue using Razorpay for domestic payments. We send you an email once your settlement limits become unlimited.

8. How long does it take for Instant settlements to become active for my account once I sign up?

Instant settlements are activated upon demand, and are activated within a day of you raising the request to enable it.

9. Where are the settlement charges deducted from?

Scheduled Same-day Settlement charges are deducted from your Free Credits (if you have any). Otherwise, they are deducted from the settlement amount itself.

For Instant Settlements, charges are deducted directly from the settlement amount.

10. Is there an opt-out option for Same-day Settlements, i.e., can I switch back to my old settlement schedule?

Yes, you can switch back to your old settlement schedule by

through a chatbot.

11. As a merchant, where and how do I find if a payment was settled early?

There are no special flags to show if a payment was settled early or not. You can choose to check the payment initiated timings and settled timings for further information.

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