About Bulk Payouts

Use the Bulk Upload feature on the RazorpayX Dashboard to make payouts in bulk.

As a business owner, you may come across situations wherein you have to make payouts to multiple vendors or multiple payouts to vendor(s). You can use the Bulk Payouts feature to create multiple payouts in such cases. Apart from processing payouts, you can perform the following tasks:

Alternatively, you can also


Watch the video to know how to create bulk payouts on RazorpayX Dashboard.

To create bulk payouts:

  1. Log in to the


  2. Click Payouts on the left navigation menu and select Bulk on the top menu.

  3. Click + Bulk Payouts.

    Handy Tips

    Alternatively, you can click the drop-down next to +PAYOUTS and select Bulk Payouts.

  4. (xlsx or csv). Or download it from the Dashboard:

    How to download templates from the Dashboard?

    1. Click Download Template.

    2. Select the Payment method relevant to you from the drop-down menu. You can select from:

      • UPI
      • Amazonpay Wallet
    3. Select the beneficiary information available. You can choose from:

      • Beneficiary details (Bank details, UPI, Wallet no.)
      • RazorpayX Fund Account ID (For existing contacts)
    4. Choose .XLSX or .CSV format and click Download.

      Handy Tips

      We recommend you to choose .xlsx format to see validations so that you can avoid errors during file upload.

    Watch Out!

    If you use the old template, upload the sheet and make the payout or schedule it as per your requirement. However, the old template will be deprecated by 30th August 2023. We request you to adapt the new templates.

  5. Fill in the details based on the validations in the template.

  6. Drag and drop your updated file or click Browse and select the file to upload from your system.

  7. Once the file is successfully uploaded, click Next.

  8. Select the Payout Purpose, the account you want to Debit From.

  9. You can edit the Batch Name if required.

  10. Click Next to make the payout or


  11. Enter the OTP sent to the registered mobile number and email id to confirm the payout and create the batch. If Approval Workflow is enabled, click Send for Approval in the final step.

You have successfully created a bulk payout batch. Your file then moves to the processing status. Hover over the file name to View Payouts and their status or click on the respective file name to find details on the right pane.

Bulk Payouts process complete

Bulk Payouts batch processing vs Payouts Processing

After the file is processed, you can see the accepted rows and invalid rows.

  • ACCEPTED ROWS: These rows contain payouts that were successfully created.
  • INVALID ROWS: These rows were not processed due to some errors. You can download the batch report from the left pane (given below) to view the errors.

The VALID AMOUNT visible on the Dashboard is not the total of the created payouts amount. Only valid rows are processed. Check valid and invalid rows to rectify the mismatch.

Handy Tips

Using this feature, you can make upto 50,000 payouts at once.

Bulk Payouts Templates are available in .xlsx and .csv. You can find the templates


  • Fill all the mandatory columns.
  • Hover over the empty cells to see the validation criteria (applicable for .xlsx files only).
  • If you are copy pasting data from an internal tool, use these shortcuts:
    • MacOS : Cmd+Opt+V, then press V again
    • WindowsOS : Ctrl+Alt+V then press V again

Watch Out!

  • Do not use Command+V or Ctrl+V for pasting data. This will remove validations and formatting from the sheet which help you identify errors.
  • If you are generating a file in a template format from an internal tool, copy-paste the validations and formatting from the template to your file.

Number of Rows in the sheet
  • Min: 1
  • Max: 50,000
Number of sheets in the fileOnly 1 sheet is permitted.
Incorrect format of the fileDownload and fill from the provided.

Bene NameBetween 3 - 60 characters.
Bene Account numberBetween 5 - 35 characters.
Payout AmountThe amount should be:
  • =/< ₹5L for payout via IMPS
  • =/< ₹10Cr for payout via NEFT
  • >/= ₹2L for payout via RTGS
  • =/< ₹1L for payout via UPI
  • =/< ₹10K for payout via Amazonpay
Payout ModeOnly IMPS/ NEFT/ RTGS, UPI and Amazonpay are supported.
IFSC11 alphanumeric characters.
Payout NarrationBelow 30 characters.
Phone numberBetween 10-13 digits.
Email IDValid Email ID.
Contact reference IDBelow 40 characters.
Payout reference IDBelow 40 characters.
Bene FA ID
  • 17 characters.
  • Depending on the Razorpay Fund Account ID template and payout mode (UPI/ Bank Account/ Amazonpay Wallet) that you choose, enter the linked ID.
If you have chosen Razorpay Fund Account ID details along with UPI as the payout method, the ID provided by Razorpay for the respective contact must be linked to a UPI account.
Bene UPI IDValid UPI ID.
Bene phone no. linked with amazonpayBetween 10-13 digits.

You can select the template based on the payment method and the beneficiary to whom you want to credit the amount. Know more about the


The template throws errors in case the in-sheet validation fails. Ensure you follow the

to avoid errors.

These templates are available is .xlsx format.

Payout MethodBeneficiary InformationDownload Template
UPIBeneficiary Details
UPIRazorpay Fund Account ID
Amazonpay WalletBeneficiary Details
Amazonpay WalletRazorpay Fund Account ID
Bank TransferBeneficiary Details
Bank TransferRazorpay Fund Account ID

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