Bulk Uploads

Use RazorpayX Bulk Upload feature to create a large number of Fund accounts or payouts from the Dashboard.

You can use the bulk upload feature when you want to create a large number of Fund accounts or payouts from the RazorpayX Dashboard.

To create Fund accounts or payouts in bulk:

  1. Download the required sample template.
  2. Add the required data to the template.
  3. Upload the template via the RazorpayX Dashboard.

After a Bulk Upload file is uploaded, it moves through the following states:

  • created
  • processed
bulk upload status

This is the initial state of the bulk upload. This indicates that the bulk upload is created in the RazorpayX database and is ready to be processed. No processing is done at this point.

This is the final state of a bulk upload where the uploaded details are processed.

After the bulk upload is processed, you received an email with a summary of how many rows of data were successfully processed.

Watch Out!

  • Bulk upload processed does not mean the Contact, Fund account or payout were created and processed. It just means the bulk file was fully processed.
  • The Contacts, Fund account or payouts may or may not have been created or processed. Download the bulk upload report to check these details.

After a bulk upload is processed, you can download the processed bulk report from the RazorpayX Dashboard. The report has the following additional fields that you can check to see if the individual payouts were created and processed.

bulk upload report

Payout Id

string Unique identifier for the payout. Populated if the payout is successfully created. For example, pout_FMfjLUuRS9Hlzc.

Error Description

string The reason for the error. For example, The id provided does not exist.