Bulk Upload Report

Download the Payouts Bulk Upload report for a summary of the Payouts, Contacts and Fund Accounts created, along with the failure reasons.

Download the Bulk Upload report from the

after your bulk upload file gets .

The report contains:

The report has the following additional coulmns you can use to check if the individual payouts were created and processed.

bulk upload report excel file showing payout ids and its related error descriptions.

Payout Id and Error Description mention the reasons for when the payouts process has failed.

Payout Id

string Unique identifier for the payout. Value is returned only if the payout is successfully created. For example, pout_FMfjLUuRS9Hlzc.

Error Description

string The reason for the error. For example, The id provided does not exist.

To troubleshoot the errors that appear in the report, see


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