Payouts FAQs

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about RazorpayX Payouts.

Payouts are queued when your business account does not have sufficient funds to process a payout. So instead of failing the payout, it is queued and processed when there are enough funds.

An Approval Workflow is a custom process you can create on your Dashboard to manage payouts and teams. It sets limitations to the payout creation process. Such payouts will be processed only after the user/s have provided their approval.

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Fund account validation is a transaction made to ensure the fund account details of the bank account and/or VPA are correct.

Payouts to cards are transactions that are processed to cards and card accounts. They can be initiated via traditional banking methods like NEFT or UPI, but they are processed via Visa Direct or Mastercard Send. This feature is only available via API.

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Payout Links can be generated for those contacts whose bank account details are unavailable. The recipient receives the link on their email or mobile number, and then uploads their bank account information or UPI details. This creates a fund account for the contact, to which the payout is then processed.

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You can add a Payout purpose under the payout details while creating the Payout.

The UTR is present along with the payout on the RazorpayX Dashboard, under the Payouts tab.

No, you cannot make Payouts from the Razorpay Payments Dashboard. You have to login to the RazorpayX Dashboard to make Payouts.

Payouts cannot be edited. You can, however, add an attachment. Navigate to Payouts on the RazorpayX Dashboard and select the payout for which you want to add an attachment. Click Upload on the right pane.

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to see how to add and assign user roles based on requirements.

Add the Virtual Account details while creating the

for the respective contact and create a Payout.

The Virtual account is available to you as soon as you complete the RazorpayX KYC process and have your account verified. The approval process is simple and fast.