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About Payout Links

RazorpayX Payout Links is an easy way to send funds to anyone without bank account details. You just need to enter the customer's name, contact details and amount to be paid. RazorpayX sends them a link where they can enter their account details (bank account or UPI ID). Once we get their account details, we send them the money. Money is remitted to your contact through IMPS if the total amount is less than ₹ 2,00,000/-, or NEFT for amount exceeding ₹ 2,00,000/-.

Watch the below video to understand how Payout Links work.

How it Works🔗

To make a payout using a Payout Link:

  1. Create a Payout Link by entering:
    • Contact details such as name, contact, email and type
    • Amount
    • Currency
  2. The Payout Link is sent to the Contact on the number and email provided.
  3. The Contact opens the link and completes a verification via OTP.
  4. The Contact provides Fund account details where they want to receive the payout.
  5. The Payout amount is transferred to the Fund account provided by your Contact.

Click here to know more about the life cycle of a Payout Link.

Watch Out!
The Payout Link is not available in the Test mode on the Dashboard and APIs.

Use Case🔗

Payout Links help you send money to anyone whose fund account or bank details you do not have.

To make a payout in such cases, you would reach out to the Contact via phone or email and ask them for their bank account details. Usually, there are multiple follow-ups between you and the Contact for this. Once you get the details, you would send them to your Finance team who would upload these onto your bank portal and then process the payout to the contact.

This is usually a time-consuming and tedious process with the Contact receiving the money 7-10 days after you contacting them. This process heavily impacts the customer experience.

With RazorpayX Payout Links, you need to create a Payout Link. The link is sent to the contact via an SMS and Email. The customer then opens the link and enters their Fund account (bank account or UPI) details. The moment they enter their details, the payout is processed instantly and they receive the money in the account of their choice.

Cash on Delivery Refunds for Ecommerce Businesses🔗

For any ecommerce business, Cash on Delivery (CoD) is one of the major modes of payment. Whenever a CoD order is returned, businesses typically have to reach out to the contact to get their bank account details to refund the order.

With Payout Links, you need to send a Payout Link to your Contact and they can use it to get their refund in their preferred fund account.

Security Deposit Refunds for Rental Businesses🔗

The rental businesses such as housing rental, furniture rental, appliance rental, car and bike rental and clothing rental, require an upfront deposit to be paid in exchange for the goods. After the usage period ends, the deposit amount must be returned.

To refund the money, you have to reach out to the contact to get their bank account details. With Payout Links, you just need to send a Payout Link to your contact and they can use it to get their security deposit back in their preferred fund account.

Cashbacks, Winnings and Incentives🔗

  • Winnings
    For Gaming companies, getting fund account information to payout winnings can be a cumbersome process. With Payout Links, you can send them a Payout Link and their winnings can be are processed instantly.
  • Referrals and Cashbacks
    Any business which wants to offer Cashbacks and other Referral payouts can do so instantly using Payout Links.
  • Incentives
    Payout Links also work when businesses want to process incentive payouts to partners, customers and so on.

Payout Mode for Payout Links🔗

The below modes are available to you when making a payout using a link:

  • NEFT
  • IMPS
  • UPI

By default, all the 3 modes are enabled for Payout Links.

However, you can choose to process Payout Links from your account using only a particular mode. Contact our Support Team using the support form on the RazorpayX Dashboard if you wish to process Payout Links using only a particular mode. The configured mode will be used to process all payouts made via links from your account. This is an account-level setting, you cannot set the mode for each individual link during creation.

Payout Links Expiry🔗

One of the primary reasons for creation of Payout Links is to offer cashbacks, refund deposits, or refunds in case of cash on deliveries. In all of these use cases, if the end user does not claim the benefit, the amount is not disbursed and results in bookkeeping issues for enterprises.

You can use the Payout Links Expiry feature to set an expiry date for the Payout Link. There is no default expiry for Payout Links. The primary advantages of using the Payout Link feature is that it helps in bookkeeping.

Expiry date can be set either at the time of creation of the payout link, or after the payout link has been created. Your contact will receive 3 reminders for 3 days before the Payout Link expires.

Before setting expiry date on Payout Links, the feature has to be enabled. To enable this feature:

  1. Log into your RazorpayX Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to My Account & Settings.

  3. Click Business Profile.

  4. Scroll down to the PAYOUT LINK EXPIRY section and use the toggle switch to enable the feature as shown below:


To set expiry date on Payout Link:

  1. Log into your RazorpayX Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Payout Links

  3. Click +PAYOUT LINK.

  4. Select contact to whom you want to send the Payout Link or add new contact and complete the procedure.

  5. Click NEXT.

  6. Provide details such as amount, Payout purpose, and Payout Reason.

  7. Select the Set Expiry Date checkbox and add the expiry date as shown here:


  9. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number/email address.

  10. Click CREATE LINK.

Handy Tips

  • Expired Payout Links can be duplicated to create another Payout Link with same details. Contact, Fund account, and amount details are automatically populated in the duplicated Payout Link.

  • Once you enable expiry for Payout Links from the Dashboard, you will start getting the expiry parameters in the API response too (if you're using APIs).