Download and view reports on the RazorpayX Dashboard.

RazorpayX offers a range of reports that enable you to track the cash flow of your business. You can download all of your transaction data for a specific day, month or any time frame as per your business requirements. This information can be downloaded as a csv, xls or xlsx file, or sent via email to the intended recipients.

To generate reports:

  1. Log in to the .
  2. Navigate to Reports on the left navigation.
  3. Select the type of report:
  4. Select a period from the drop-down, or select custom dates for which you require the report.
  5. Choose the format of your report- xlsx or csv.
  6. You can DOWNLOAD as well as EMAIL the report. You can enter any email address you wish to share the report with as well as select the team members you want to share it with.
Generate Reports from the RazorpayX Dashboard

Watch Out!

Generating reports can take upto 10 minutes.

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